Hank 4 years, 4 months ago on Letters to the Editor

The issue surrounding I-522 is so important that is certainly not going away. Monsanto, Bayer, and DOW outspent grass root consumer groups 3 to 1 in defeating I-522. Ads were (not so) cleverly crafted to illustrate the ridiculous consequences of providing consumers with information. Merely suggesting Washington consumers would somehow begin to pay an egregious ransom for their groceries was enough to defeat the measure. The false confusion strategy proved to be successful in spite of the fact that nearly every major industrialized country in the world already requires food labeling for biotech content in foods. Most countries already require this. Beyond shareholder arguments for short-term corporate profits there is literally no reason to not provide consumers with information. Imagine if your countries government was held captive by large corporations. And these corporations refused to enact tough laws for repeat violent criminals. Eventually their deliberate inaction would result in violent criminals all migrating towards one of those two countries. Now imagine that the corporations holding the government hostage are giant foreign owned monstrosities that are banking on both the next big thing and a bio engineered crisis. There is today only two markets (two industrialized countries) where these giant foreign owned monstrosities could experiment on actual consumers with impunity. I-522 can still provide voters with a unique, almost foolproof opportunity to learn if their elected representatives work for lobbyists (Monsanto) or their constituents. Simply ask your representative where they stood on I-522. If their answer includes a long explanation (is any longer than I supported I-522), than the representative in question does not work for the people.