Richw 4 years, 2 months ago on Okanogan Valley has slim chance for a white Christmas

Roger Harnack 1. Merry Christmas from Joyce, WA, 2. I was talking with a couple of my grade school through high school friends. They are in the planning stage of a trip to the Omak-Okanagon area. One of Tom Starr's grandmas , a couple times back - as in greats, homesteaders in the area. She and five kids came to the area from Whidbey Island after her husband was killed during the building of Ft. Flagler. You know part of the route - ferry to Seattle, train to Wenatchee, first river boat on the Columbia and a second river boat up the Okanogan. Tom and Sue Starr is there name. Their email is I think you will enjoy meeting them. I wasn't sure of your email. Rich Wilson