katewk 4 years, 4 months ago on 75 representatives, senators call for full delisting of gray wolf

There is absolutely no reason or excuse to willfully kill and decimate another species. Humanity seems to have grown very little through history and continues along the same path of destruction and hate that has created our lack of respect for the Earth, animals and other human beings. Only when we can become aware enough to see that each creature is able to be free and we learn to respect their habitats as well as our own, will be able to say that we are evolving and growing as a species. The wolf is of utmost import to the balance of the natural world. Unlike humans, the wolf takes down those that are infirm or unable to care for themselves. This is the natural order of our planet. We cannot create what we think is a utopia without regard for others...it will not work. Soon, we will begin to go the way of all of these creatures whose lives we take so casually.