pacerprogram 4 years, 2 months ago on Bill would make it illegal to smoke in a vehicle containing a child

I'm not sure which is scarier, the fascism behind this Bill or the fact that this information is found in the Omak paper and not the Spokane Review or the Seattle Times.

I don't smoke, don't enjoy being around the smell of smoke, or smokers, would never kiss a woman who smoked, and don't like it when people smoke around their children. But those are my values and its not for me to try to force my values on others. As a free man in what was once, a couple of centuries ago, a free country, it terrifies me to see Washington State being the national leader in developing laws that restrict almost every thought and action that would and should be a personal choice. People who agree with the sentiment of this Bill will stay silent as yet another right is abridged thinking that it does not affect them. But, indeed it does. With every new restriction those in government are emboldened to force even more of their personal beliefs upon everyone else. And with each comes a wave of consequences not written into the law. With this law any bully cop could stop anyone with anything in their hand while driving because they "believed it was a cigarette" and while you are detained anyway lets wait while a background check is done and your license and insurance are verified and were you wearing your seatbelt and did you have your cell phone out. Then when you can't afford to pay the abusive ticket your driver's license is suspended because driving is not a right of free men, it is just a "privilege" so the next time you drive it is a criminal act and you are arrested and shackled and imprisoned, and on and on and this state works so hard to control everything while creating "criminals".