Moore found guilty of first-degree murder

Don Moore, right, and public defender Michael Prince, center, in Okanogan County Superior Court on Thursday afternoon.

RIVERSIDE — Resident Don A. Moore allegedly told investigators the victim attacked him with a knife before Moore shot him multiple times and then stabbed him.

Moore, 66, is on trial in Okanogan County Superior Court in Okanogan for the death of Bruce E. Molony, 55, on April 20, 2013. The trial began Tuesday.

Moore is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting and stabbing death of Molony, also of Riverside.

During testimony Thursday afternoon, the jury heard initial statements Moore had given to investigators the night of his arrest.

“He (Molony) sliced at me. He got me in the head, then I shot him once,” Moore allegedly said in a transcribed taped interview. The transcript was read by sheriff’s deputy Rob Heyen.

“I shot him until the gun wouldn’t shoot anymore…I picked the knife up and stabbed him; I just started stabbing him. It (the knife) got stuck in his head and it wouldn’t come out,” Moore’s transcribed statement said.

Okanogan County Prosecuting Attorney Karl Sloan called forensic scientist Johan Achoeman and ballistics expert Bo Baggenstoss to share their findings Thursday in court.

Baggenstoss said he tested several samples of clothing and other articles that appeared to have DNA on them.

On one piece of clothing, Baggenstoss said, “I took two samples that matched the known profile for Don Moore.”

The alleged murder stems from a stolen property case in April 2013.

See The Chronicle’s Sunday issue for the complete story.

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