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(2020-057 Feb. 12, 19)

Notice of an Application for Change of Water Right to Change Points of Withdrawal under Water Right No. G4-CV1P401.

TAKE NOTICE: That on January 31, 2020, the City of Brewster, WA filed application number OKAN-20-01 with the Okanogan County Water Conservancy Board to change points of withdrawal to G4-CV1P401.

That said right, G4-CV1P401, authorizes the withdrawal of 1,000 gallons per minute and 672 acre-feet per year for municipal supply from two points of withdrawal located on Government Lot 4 of Section 22, T. 30 N., R. 24 E.W.M. or Tract 2 of Riverview Acreage (NE¼, NE¼ of Section 22, T. 30 N., R. 24 E.W.M. That said right authorizes water to be used for municipal supply for year round use in the service area described in the most recent Water System Plan as approved by the Washington State Department of Health.

The applicant proposes to change the points of withdrawal to water right no. G4-CV1P401 to the three locations, as follows: SE¼SE¼ located in Section 15, T. 30 N., R. 24 E.W.M., SE¼SE¼ located in Section 15, T. 30 N., R. 24 E.W.M, and SW¼SE¼ located in Section 11, T. 30 N., R. 24 E.W.M .

Any protests or objections to the approval of this application may be filed with the Department of Ecology and must include a detailed statement of the basis for objections; protests must be accompanied by a fifty dollar ($50.00) recording fee and filed with the Cashiering Section, State of Washington, Department of Ecology, P.O. Box 47611, Lacey, Washington 98509-7611 within thirty (30) days from February 19, 2020.

Any interested party may submit comments, objections, and other information to the board regarding this application. The comments and information may be submitted in writing or verbally at any public meeting of the board held to discuss or decide on the application. This application will be on the board agenda during its regular meetings to be held on the first Thursday of each month at 2:00 PM, at the Grainger Building located at 123 5th Street Okanogan, Wa, 98840. Additionally, the Water Conservancy Board, may receive written comments or information within thirty (30) days from February 19, 2020 at the following address: Okanogan County Water Conservancy Board; C/O Lisa de Vera; 1205 Ormiston Street; Wenatchee, WA 98801.
Published by Omak Okanogan County Chronicle.


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