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TWISP - Methow Arts remains open, although its employees are working remotely to assist artists, arts and cultural organizations, students and parents with free resources, application assistance and advice.

All of the organization’s events hae been postponed or canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“While our doors are closed we have new student art in our windows and a vast amount of positive art, including art lessons, free virtual opportunities, poems and nature activities for all to partake in,” said the group. “Equally important to us is the support we are feeling for our local business community.”

The group encourages people to support local businesses through takeout services, purchasing artwork remotely or by purchasing gift certificates now for use later.

“Our arts organizations are facing unprecedented economic losses due to the mandatory closures and program cancellations,” said the group, which encourages people to donate to arts and cultural organizations.

Other services being offered:

-Artists online website and a takeout list.

-Appointments from independent artists, creative people, and arts and cultural organizations needing assistance. Information is at or 509-997-4004.

-Activities for students, parents and community members can be found on Methow Arts’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites, and its website.

-Suggestions of outdoor places to visit, including Twisp Ponds Discovery Center at 53 Twisp River Road.

-Survey for artists and creative people to measure the virus’ impact.

-Online art lessons for grade school children and their parents. Creations can be posted on the group’s Facebook page using the hashtags #ARTtoday and #methowarts.

-Artist Trust relief fund to support artists who have medical costs, rent and mortgage payments, lost wages, income from events and so on.

-Access to insurance.

-Grants for bartenders.

-Information on federal disaster loans.

More information is at

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