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Liberty State flag: "Liberty, Founded in Truth"

OKANOGAN—Despite funds raised at a Liberty State meeting held Saturday, July 20, the Okanogan County Captain Judy Prescott has decided to step down.

“Liberty State is something that we all want but we need your help to achieve it,” stated Okanogan County Chapter Captain Judy Prescott.  “The Okanogan team of 12 cannot achieve this alone.  The way Washington is heading, Liberty State is our only hope, it is our salvation.”

Though the treasurer was unable to attend due to fighting fire, Billie Smith reported there was $152.00 and treasury report was accepted.  To date, $267.00 has been raised in the Okanogan County team.

“We are using $145 for the fair booth and I believe we are using the remainder for Stampede promotional items,” said Prescott. 

As of Sunday, August 4, 2019, Prescott announced the Okanogan County team is cancelling their appearance at the Omak Stampede.

“I have made the decision that due to the lack of response from the Liberty State Volunteers we are cancelling our appearance at the Omak Stampede,” said Prescott.  “We had a small handful of people step up and that is not enough to cover the times without me sitting for hours to cover the rest.  Friday was okay but Saturday was a huge issue.  So, we will move ahead to the Okanogan fair.  Linda Vance is in charge of the volunteers for the fair, so you can reach out to her and volunteer.  It's sad but a reality.”

“Okanogan county needs volunteers to get the word out,” said Prescott.  “Attendance has been low at the meetings, usually the same faces with maybe a few new ones.  I have over 300 friends on Facebook for Liberty State and they read my posts, comment and such but we need more excitement.  We need to meet with the County Commissioners to get them to sign off on this and gain their support.  We are further than some counties in that we have a team, we have meetings, and are somewhat organized, but behind a few.  Some counties have a larger volunteer base and have met with commissioners.  Realistically, we have six people doing the majority of the work with a couple that chip in from time to time.  We need more committed volunteers.”

Prescott also stated on August 4, that she was stepping down as the Okanogan County team captain.

“I want you to know that I am stepping down as captain of the Okanogan County Liberty state movement,” said Prescott.  “I will continue to help out where I can but can no longer fulfill my position.  We do not have a replacement, so if anyone is interested in stepping up please let me know or Billie Smith know.  I will continue the Facebook updates.   I believe in this movement, but I am not cut out for the leadership role.  This is effective immediately.”

What process would someone need to go through to become the Okanogan County Chapter Captain?

“If someone is interested, they just need to step up and either let me know, let Billie know, or any member,” said Prescott.  “There is not a process as long as they are not a radical and have some common sense.  They can contact  Billie at”

Billie Smith is the current assistant captain.

“I will continue to be involved but not going to run the show,” said Prescott. 

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