OMAK—On Thursday, August 8, two visitors from Japan visit Wrangler Night and reflect on their experience.

Yashihiro Koroamoto, 27, and his fiancé Takashima Yurbamatei, 32, both of Osaka Japan watched the Kid’s Wrangler Night while visiting Koroamoto’s brother and sister-in-law.

“This is my second year viewing the Omak Stampede,” said Koroamoto.  “Last year was my first time experiencing the event.  It was my second time visiting the United States in general, as I was visiting my brother and his wife.  My brother and I are originally from Japan, but he transferred to Seattle for his job almost six years ago.  My brother actually met his wife at the Omak Stampede four years ago and they were married about two and a half years ago.”

Koroamoto stated he thought the animals in the rodeo were interesting to watch and it was cute to see the little kids compete in the child activities.

“This is my fiancé’s first time in the United States and his first time coming to the Omak Stampede,” said Koroamoto.  “I wanted to introduce him to my sister-in-law, as she had yet to meet him.”

“I do not quite understand this whole rodeo business, but it is very interesting to see how people participate in the rodeo events,” said Yurbamatei.  “I didn’t like this so-called suicide race and felt horrible for the horses going down the long hill.  To me that felt like torture to the horse and should be considered abuse or endangerment to the horse of some kind.”

Yurbamatei stated he didn’t want any of the animals to get hurt and has a soft spot for animals, as he is a veterinarian.

“All of the other rodeo events seemed less dangerous to the animals entered in the event and were quite interesting to watch,” said Yurbamatei.  “The trick horses…I believe is what they are called; with ladies riding and performing tricks were quite interesting as well, along with humorous antics of the rodeo clowns.”

Koroamoto and Yurbamatei stated they couldn’t believe how expensive some of the food and beverage vendors were.

“My fiancé and I shared a deep-fried lasagna from the macaroni and cheese vendor,” said Koroamoto.   “It was quite delicious, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to spend nearly four dollars a person for a small frozen lemonade.”

“Some of the prices were extreme,” echoed Yurbamatei.  “I understand vendors have to make money, but it probably costs two dollars at most to make the frozen lemonade, and the majority of the vendor pricing seems as if it were extortion.”

“Overall, we enjoyed the experience,” said Koroamoto.  “Despite the extremely high vendor prizes and the suicide race, I would say the Omak Stampede is an interesting experience and I would recommend people interested in rodeos to check out this event at least once in their lifetime.”

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