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OMAK – Although “A Christmas Story” is set during the holiday season, its message is appropriate for Mother’s Day.

Okanogan Valley Orchestra and Chorus leaders want folks to keep that message in mind as they prepare for the stage opening of the musical based on the 1983 movie of the same name.

“A Christmas Story” runs May 3-5 and May 10-12 in the Omak Performing Arts Center, 14 S. Cedar St. Curtain times are 7 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p.m. Sundays. Admission will be charged.

“Mother’s Day marks more than just a phone call home and flowers sent,” said an announcement from the group. “It represents the unconditional love that mothers share and give to their children, no matter what their children end up getting into. Such love describes Ralphie’s mother is in this classic holiday tale set in 1940s Indiana.”

The story focuses on Ralphie, played by Hayden Swartsel, who schemes his way toward the holiday gift of his dreams, a Red Ryder air rifle. While everyone is running around making messes and getting into scrapes, Ralphie’s mother keeps the house and family together and running with love and support.

Meaghan McElderry portrays Ralphie’s mother.

Other leads include Finnegan McElderry as Ralphie’s younger brother, Randy, and Doug Brandt as Ralphie’s father, the Old Man.

Organizers said everyone who’s seen the movie will find all the iconic scenes they and love in the local musical production: Flick getting his tongue stuck on the flagpole; Ralphie’s brother, Randy, getting dressed in his snowsuit; Farkus and Dill as the bullies; the Chinese restaurant; and the famous leg lamp.

Nicole Leese directs the show.

The cast includes Hayden Swartsel, Ralphie Parker; Don Pearce, Jean Shepherd; Meaghan McElderry, Mother; Doug Brandt, The Old Man; Finnegan McElderry, Randy Parker; Joseph Richards, Flick/Miss Shields’ student/Ralphie understudy; Everett Davis-Sherwood, Schwartz/Miss Shields’ student; Noni Alley, Miss Shields; Greg Howard, Santa/Fireman/ensemble; Liberty Linklater, Esther Jane/Miss Shields’ student; Liam Linklater, Scutt Farkus; James Bent, Grover Dill/Flick understudy; Terri Williams, Mrs. Schwartz/ensemble; Karla Walker, Flick’s mother/Mother understudy; Erik Martin, villain/elf/doctor; Liam Mills, bank robber/policeman/male chief elf; Calum Weston, bank robber/featured dancer/ensemble; Lydia Vance, can-can girl friend/ featured dancer/ensemble; Aurora Kenner, chief female elf/waiter’s daughter/ensemble; Ugo Bartell, waiter/townsman; Eroca Crofoot, nurse/Nancy’s mother/ensemble; Tina Schmidt, townswoman/ensemble; Pam Strickert, townswoman/ensemble.

Miss Shields’ students/ensemble are Danica Aguilar, Emma Ray Crofoot, Ben Huffstetler, Qrsten Johnson, Leo McElderry and Camilla Campos Rivera.

Featured children dancers/ensemble are Brooke Bauman, Emma Hall, Riley Linklater, Eva Robeck and Chisomo Willson.

Elves/ensemble are Madison Hamblen, Ione Johnson, Bella Santarsiero, Abby Timm and Shalie Young.

Children’s chorus/ensemble are Lorelai Backus, Leira Lesamiz, Amy Levenal, Titus Linklater and Cadence Marchand.

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