REPUBLIC — Here are the open adult results from the Ferry County Fair:

Stephanie Alcock – sewing, reserve grand champion.

Sol Alhstraum – dried fruits, veggies, leathers and jerky, reserve grand champion.

Henry Anderson – crafts, best of show; and metals, glass and ceramics crafts, grand champion.

Oly Anderson – drawing, reserve grand champion; and sculptures and metal work, grand champion.

Quinell Anderson – rugs, grand champion.

Diane Baldwin – afghans, reserve grand champion; crochet, grand champion; and fancy work, reserve grand champion.

Sarah Bird – farm and home crops, reserve grand champion.

Sylvia Craw – crochet, reserve grand champion.

Ken Doekoogen – general crafts, reserve grand champion.

Sarah Bradburn – natural material crafts, reserve grand champion; granola, grand champion; and individual quilts, reserve grand champion.

Barb Bradshaw – afghans, grand champion; and hand knitted, grand champion.

Dianne Bremner – floriculture, best of show; best dahlia of 2014.

Micha Brisbane – leather crafts, grand champion.

Nancy Burbank – painting other surfaces, reserve grand champion.

Gloria Butler – potted plants, grand champion.

Pat Crandall – collection, grand champion; general crafts, grand champion; holiday article, grand champion; and recycle, first place.

James Cronrath – film-.35 etc., grand champion; digital, reserve grand champion.

Marianne Davis – drawing, grand champion; painting other surfaces, grand champion.

Alexandria Desautel – Native American crafts, reserve grand champion.

Rhonda Eich – pickled foods, reserve grand champion.

Carol Fugitt – farm and home products, grand champion; canned fruit, grand champion; and Ball award-fruit, second place.

Jen Grey – pies whole, reserve grand champion; farm and home crops and products, best of show.

Joyce Grosche – appliqué, grand champion; small quilts, grand champion.

Aldena Grumbach – pickled foods, grand champion.

Pat Hamod – Ball award-pickles, first place.

Kathy Harcourt – vegetables, grand champion; hand felted, grand champion; and recycle, third place.

Karlene Harding – quilted misc. articles, reserve grand champion.

Diane Hewitt – sewing machine arts, grand champion.

Sandy Hilderbrant – holiday article, reserve grand champion.

Charlene Holt – Native American crafts-advanced, reserve grand champion.

Lorna Johnson – individual quilts, grand champion.

Lacie Karp – Ball award-soft-spreads, first place.

Sorrel Katich – vegetables, reserve grand champion.

Cynthia Kidwell – picture story, grand champion and reserve grand champion.

Marty King – jams and jellies, grand champion.

Jenny Konz – fresh herbs, reserve grand champion.

Cathy Corelek – appliqué, reserve grand champion; small quilts, reserve grand champion.

Amanda LaDue – sewing, grand champion.

Del Lehmen – woodworking award.

Jeannie Lindsey – potted plants, reserve grand champion.

Margo Locke – cut flowers, grand champion and reserve grand champion; roses, reserve grand champion, dried fruits, veggies, leathers and jerky, grand champion; garden and horticulture, best of show; fresh herbs, grand champion; and fruits, reserve grand champion.

Kathleen Luce – canned meats, vegetables, etc., grand champion.

Jim Lundgren – farm and home crops, grand champion; recycle, second place.

Kathy Marta – dog obedience, grand champion; light horse-open halter, overall grand champion.

June Merchant – natural material crafts, grand champion; pies whole, grand champion; and baked apple award.

Rebecca Metcalf – photography, best of show; digital, grand champion.

Morgan Miller – light horse-open halter, overall reserve grand champion.

Nancy Morris – quilted misc. articles, grand champion.

Marlene Oddie – Washington State Quilter’s award, first and second place.

Auriel Olson – draft horse-open halter, grand champion.

Nancy Orozco – painting, reserve grand champion.

Marge Parkhill – cakes, grand champion; rugs, reserve grand champion.

Chelsea Perkins – cookies and donuts, grand champion.

Teri Perkins – hand spinning, grand champion and reserve grand champion; hand weaving, grand champion and reserve grand champion.

Pieces n’ Pals Quilt Guild – group quilts, grand champion.

Gloria Pond – yeast breads and rolls, reserve grand champion; Washington Wheat Growers award, second place.

Linda Roberts – group quilts, reserve grand champion.

Rae Salkeld – quilts, best of show and Ann Westlake Quilt Creative Award.

Karen Sanderlin – metals, glass and ceramics crafts, reserve grand champion.

Marty Schwartz – computer generated arts, grand champion.

Francesca Seymour – squash, melon, pumpkins and gourds, grand champion.

Danielle Starr – food preparation, best of show; quick breads and rolls, grand champion.

Leslie Stotts – food preservation, best of show.

Linda Thiele – arts, best of show; painting, grand champion.

Heather Thompson – Ball award-pickles, second place.

Leslie Tietsort – roses, grand champion; floral arrangement, reserve grand champion; and best rose of 2014.

Trudi Tonasket – Native American Crafts, grand champion; Native American crafts advanced, grand champion; candy, grand champion; cooking and donuts, reserve grand champion; quick breads and rolls, reserve grand champion; yeast breads and rolls, grand champion; Washington Wheat Growers award, first place; Red Star Yeast award; jams and jellies, reserve grand champion; and Ball award-fruit, first place.

Arlene Vanoli – dried herbs, grand champion.

Lance Van Wyk – machine baked goods, grand champion.

Kara Walsh – fruits, grand champion; best tomato of 2014; and Washington State Quilter’s award, third place.

Cindy Walton – sewing machine arts, reserve grand champion.

Carla Walton – hand knitted, reserve grand champion.

Twinflower Wilkie – squash, melon, pumpkin and gourds, reserve grand champion.

Arwen Woolley – sewing advanced, grand champion and reserve grand champion.

Tori Wright – hand felted, reserve grand champion.

Amber Wyckoff - needlework and sewing, best of show.

Jaber Young – floral arrangement, grand champion.

Melodie Young – decorated cakes, candy, cookies, grand champion.

Margaret Zerbel – fancy work, grand champion.

Richard Zerbel – woodworking, grand champion and reserve grand champion.

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