TONASKET — Tonasket Elementary School has recently been certified as the first Washington Green School in Okanogan County.

Washington Green Schools is a nonprofit program, based out of the Seattle area, designed to promote environmental awareness in public schools throughout the state of Washington.

“A Washington Green School is based on the notion of recycling and composting,” said School District Superintendent.

Rose Corso has been the driving force for putting Tonasket on the map as a green school.

“We’re the first ones in Okanogan County,” said Corso. “We had to establish a ‘green team’ with fourth and fifth graders.”

Corso said students collected bread, fruits and vegitables from the school cafeteria, weighed the compost eachday and put the compost into the school’s garden.

Aside from composting and recycling, the school has also planted 22 new trees.

Washington State Green Schools will recognized their schools, June 27, at the Mariner’s vs. Cleveland game at Safeco Field, in Seattle. The school will also hold a ceremony later in the fall, at the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

“They (the students) were really on it,” said Turner.

Tonasket is considered a Level 1 in the carogorie of “Waste and Recycliling.”

Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop is also in the process of becoming a green school.

Tonasket has also received a grant for a classroom set of iPads for the elementary school library.

“We’re really pushing the stem,” said Turner.

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