PATEROS — Dwindling volunteers and a downtown construction project will not put a damper on this year’s Apple Pie Jamboree, July 19-21.

Despite road construction happening downtown, organizers said the event will still happen.

According to the Apple Pie Jamboree Committee Secretary and parade chair, Jennifer Best, the Apple Pie Jamboree will not be cancelled.  Jennifer Best is also currently working on a news release for the 2019 Apple Pie Jamboree.

“Due to some construction happening downtown, we will be having our amazing parade Friday evening on July 19 at 7 p.m.,” said Apple Pie Jamboree Committee secretary and parade chairwoman Jennifer Best. “That way the street can be used for 3-on-3 Saturday.”

Over time, the number of volunteers signing-up to assist with the event has decrease due to people moving, retiring, or just being too busy. But while Best said the committee is always looking for volunteers, the decreasing numbers have not threatened the fate of Apple Pie Jamboree.

“The closest we’ve come to canceling or discontinuing (the) Jamboree was in 2014, when the Carlton Complex Fire came through Pateros on Apple Pie Jamboree weekend,” said Best. “But we still pulled off a scaled down event later in the summer, when our community needed to find every reason to celebrate.

“We have a great group of dedicated, longtime volunteers who work hard to keep this event going every year,” Best said. There’s always a need for volunteers, though.

 “Realistically, people retire or move away, or their personal circumstances change in another way that might prohibit them from being able to do as much as they used to,” she said. “There are still a lot of young families around here who value community, and it would be wonderful to see more people get involved in the festival they’ve enjoyed for so many years.”

Best said a strong team of kind, generous volunteers - and Tracy Miller, the group’s chairwoman – that keep the event on track each year.

“This year we are having the parade on Friday night at 7 p.m.” Miller said. “This is the main change I want people to be aware of. We are not having kids’ games at this time because we need all the park space for vendors, as 3 on 3 will be in the street on Saturday. There are still activities for children like the bouncy houses.”

Miller said several new and returning vendors are planned, and sign-ups continue to roll in.

According to Miller, the 2019 Apple Pie Jamboree shirt is shades of light blue with a personal watercraft in a burst of color.

“They will be available online soon and at Sweet River Bakery,” said Miller. 

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