OMAK — For some people a tattoo is simply a way to express themselves. But for others, a tattoo is about pure pleasure.

Last week Modern Electric Tattoo shop — in conjunction with Big Pink Ink Tattoo Shop — hosted a “Get What You Get” gumball machine tattoo event in Omak.

A gumball machine was filled with little plastic dispensers that held a specific tattoo design. For a flat fee, customers received 50 cents to put in the gumball machine, which then gave clients a specific tattoo design.

If clients didn’t like the design, they could pay an additional five dollars for each new try on the gumball machine to attempt to get the tattoo design they desired.

“I wanted to do something fun in the community, and have everyone come together,” said Peach Daniel, owner of Modern Electric Tattoo. “Robert (Burks) was the one who brought up the idea for a gumball machine tattoo, and I’ve been wanting to do that for a while. That sounds like a great idea.”

“Dude, I have a gumball machine,” said Burks. “It doesn’t work for gum; but it works for everything else”.

Burks, tattoo artist and owner of Tonasket-based Big Pink Ink Tattoo Shop, came up with the idea and provided the gumball machine. Daniel, owner and tattoo artist of Modern Electric Tattoo shop, hosted the event.

Both Burks and Daniel worked together tattooing the many clients willing to take the gamble on the gumball machine tattoo event.

“We have pictures of all of the tattoo designs that are in the gumball machine, printed and on the front counter,” Daniel said.

“The pictures help the clients decide if they want to do the gumball tattoo, since the tattoos are so random. We have done eight gumball tattoos today so far, (Friday) and are shooting for 25 people to do the gumball tattoos a day.

“People kept tagging me on Facebook, and I thought it would be an awesome idea, and it would be awesome to do this in Omak,” Burks said. “I thought it would be best to have the event in Omak, since there are more people here. People wouldn’t have to come down to Tonasket and have to wait a long time, and possibly have to come back the next day. It is the first time doing the gumball tattoo event at both tattoo shops, and the first time I’ve done the gumball tattoo event.”

“While the tattoo promo is going on, we are also having a piercing promo,” said Daniel. “Piercings were 50 percent off during the gumball tattoo promo.”

Joel Kramer of Omak took his chance at the gumball tattoo and received a sparrow tattoo on his shoulder.

“No nudies in The Chronicle,” said Kramer, while Burks, Daniel, and other customers laughed in the background.

“I just opened this shop seven months ago,” Daniel said. “I’ve been tattooing for 10 years now, from California originally. I’ve traveled all over and worked out in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on the beach, and worked in a tattoo shop called Tattoo Blues for three years. I then left that shop and traveled and did guest spots at tattoo shops along the West Coast, and visited friends along the way”.

“I learned to be a tattoo artist by doing a traditional apprenticeship, and it took two years,” he said. “The furthest place I’ve tattooed was in Bali, Indonesia. I was there for 10 days, and it wasn’t enough time, and I want to go back and do some conventions. I would love to go to more conventions, but I need to build my shop up first”.

Tattoo designs for the gumball event ranged from Yoda and Darth Vader from Star Wars, Beavis and Butthead characters, Frankenstein, flowers, a moon, umbrella, pumpkins, mermaids, snakes, skulls, tigers, fox, birds, a robot, and so much more.

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