TONASKET — A trio of book signings are planned for local author Theresa Wise following the release of her first book, “The Captive.”

Signings will take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4-7 p.m. Aug. 31, Sept. 1 and Sept. 2 at Beyers Market, 212 N. Highway 97.

“Kidnapped and held hostage after a bank robbery, college freshman Beth Farell falls in love with Glenn, a reluctant participant in the kidnapping,” the book description said. “While she and the two other victims struggle to survive in the wilderness of north-central Washington, Beth works hard to keep her growing attraction to the handsome young cowboy hidden.

“But it’s not long before the hostages are rescued, and the world discovers Beth’s secret. Worse, so-called experts insist that she is feeling nothing more than capture-bonding.,” the description said. “Beth disagrees, but what can she do? Glenn is out of her reach, and she must move on. A new job with World Relief in Africa appears to be Beth’s answer to a new life. However, when she meets Andrew, a young missionary, memories of Glenn are reignited.”

Wise’s writing journey began years ago as a busy young mother with two children. “The Captive” then sat silent, abandoned in a dark closet for 25 years. Retirement has granted Wise the opportunity to pull “The Captive” from obscurity, brush it off, and restore it to life.

The book is available for purchase online at

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