OKANOGAN — An Omak woman has been charged with holding two boys under a bed for several hours and threatening to kill them after accusing one of the boys of sexually assaulting her 3-year-old daughter.

Shannon Cersten Strader, 22, is accused in Okanogan County Superior Court of two counts each of first-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault of a child with a deadly weapon, harassment-threats to kill and intimidating a witness.

Each is considered a “most serious offense” under the state’s three strikes law.

On April 8, Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office Detective Debbie Behymer investigated a report that Strader’s toddler had been molested by two boys, ages 9 and 11, who had been staying at Strader’s home, court records show. The date of the incident is unclear, but apparently happened during the first week of April.

The child, who is 3, was interviewed and said the 11-year-old touched her “in the potty area” with his fingers, said Behymer’s report, which was filed with charging documents as a probable cause statement. It was unclear whether the alleged single touch was over or under the clothing.

Strader allegedly told Child Protective Services that she “had forced the boys to confess what they had done,” the report said.

The boys’ mother, Shawna Barber, was contacted and allegedly told Behymer she was told by the boys that Strader had “held them at knife-point, used a Taser and forced them under a bed in the living room, where they were forced to stay for two hours with (Strader) verbally abusing them, and threatening to kill them, and kill and rape their sister and kill their mother,” the detective’s report said.

When the mother went to pick up the boys, Strader allegedly told her the boys were at nearby Walmart, even though they were under the bed.

The mother said she searched for the boys for two or three hours before Strader contacted her “and said she was calm now and wanted to talk.”

When Barber arrived at Strader’s home, the boys were allowed to get out from under the bed. After they left the home, Strader allegedly contacted the mother and told her that if she reported the incident to police, Strader would “blow off their heads,” the report said.

The detective also interviewed the boys. The older one said he had been accused of touching the toddler, but that he hadn’t.

He allegedly said Strader held a knife near his head and told him and his brother to get under the bed. She allegedly threatened to Taser them and chop off their fingers if they made noise when their mother came to pick up their clothing, which had been thrown outside. “They were forced to stay under the bed for a long period of time, where he was subjected to a Taser attack, verbal abuse and threatened to be killed multiple times,” the report said.

Strader also allegedly threatened the boy with a knife and kicked him in the head when he tried to talk.

At one point, she also threatened to have another person, a resident of Tunk Valley, take the boys up Tunk Creek to torture and kill them, the report said.

The other boy allegedly told the detective an identical story.

Another woman, the daughter of the boys’ mother, also was interviewed and related as the same story as the mother, court records show. She also alleged Strader told the mother she was going to kill the boys, take them up to 80 acres on Tunk Mountain and that the mother would never find them.

Those involved also alleged Strader had a number of drugs and a hand gun in her home, and had smoked drugs in front of the toddler.

After Strader was arrested, a search warrant was executed at her home on Engh Road. A Taser, crushed white powder, an ornate knife and a black-handled knife were located, Behymer’s report said.

A neighbor, Brandy Deanda, allegedly said she could hear Strader screaming on the day of the incident, and later heard thumping. She also said Strader had told her she’d threatened the boys with a knife and taser.

Strader, interviewed in jail, denied threatening the boys, but said she broke a video console and gave them time out under a day bed until their mother arrived.

She also alleged the boys left, one at a time, for Walmart.

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