Paper mache sculpture, animal larger than 14 inches - Marjie Johnson, Okanogan, open, grand.

Paper mache sculpture, animal smaller than 13 inches - Cooper Townsend, Okanogan, junior open, reserve.

Water color paintings, portrait - Anahi Castillo, Omak, junior open, grand.

Acrylic paintings, still life - Michael Azzano, Omak, open, grand.

Acrylic paintings, miscellaneous - Eric Lind, Okanogan, junior open, reserve.

Ink, animal, fish or fowl - Hailey Smart, Okanogan, junior open, reserve.

Pencil, fish - Amy Fenison, Okanogan, open, grand.

Crayon, portrait - Ole Scott, Carlton, youth open, grand.

Leather stamped design miscellaneous medium item - Pooty Dagnon, Loomis, adult, grand.

Crafts not kits, miscellaneous large item - Gary Walker, Carlton, adult, grand.

Crafts not kits, miscellaneous small item - Brooke Hubbard, Okanogan, adult, reserve.

Glass etching/carving, large item - Kayla Gardinier, Tonasket, adult, grand and best glass etching (large) adult.

Model, pre-packaged kit, youth Lego model from kit - William Boers, Okanogan, open, reserve.

Model, non-kit, youth Lego model - Gillis Ward-Guthrie, Okanogan, youth open, grand.

Model, non-kit, miscellaneous - Rick Lewis, Winthrop, adult, grand.

Computer, graphics - Anahi Castillo, Omak, junior open, reserve.

Spinning, 25 yards or more hank, wool, two-ply - Diana McCown, Twisp, open, grand.

Spinning, 25 yards or more hank, wool blend, man-made fiber - Debby Sharp, Conconully, adult, reserve.

Spinning, knit item, small - Diana McCown, Twisp, open, grand. Katie Swanson, Winthrop, adult, reserve.

Weaving-hand-woven scarf - Ingrid Shallenberger, Omak, adult, reserve. Bobbi Turner, Omak, adult, grand.

Weaving-hand-woven dish towel - Ingrid Shallenberger, Omak, adult, grand. Lillie Smith, Winthrop, adult, reserve.

Furniture-woodworking, miscellaneous large item - Betty Roberts, Oroville, open, grand.

Household items, woodworking, miscellaneous - Mike Morris, Okanogan, adult, grand.

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