Grand champion

Alzora Wilson, Okanogan, shows her grand champion steer during the market stock sale.

Fitting and showing - Kacie Vejraska, Omak, senior, grand. Weston Wood, Omak, senior, reserve. Kady Vejraska, Omak, intermediate, grand. Grace Wilson, Tonasket, intermediate, reserve. Tylee Buchert, Okanogan, junior, grand. Bettie Wehmeyer, Loomis, junior, reserve.

Aberdeen-Angus purebred, bull calf - Khloe Denison, Tonasket, junior, grand.

Aberdeen-Angus purebred, yearling heifer - Kady Vejraska, Omak, senior, grand.

Aberdeen-Angus purebred, summer yearling heifer - Kase Denison, Tonasket, reserve. Kacie Vejraska, Omak, grand.

Aberdeen-Angus purebred, junior heifer calf - Kase Denison, Tonasket, grand.

Grade beef, youth, summer yearling heifer - Emmitt Houser, Carlton, youth open, grand.

Market steer - Kacie Vejraska, Omak, reserve. Alzora Wilson, Okanogan, grand.

Feeder beef, unspecified - Emily Henry, Okanogan, reserve. Camden Rico, Okanogan, grand.

Feeder cow/heifer - Afton Wood, Omak, grand.

Aberdeen-Angus purebred, summer bull - Kacie Vejraska, Omak, grand.

Aberdeen-Angus purebred, senior heifer - Kacie Vejraska, Omak, grand.

Aberdeen-Angus purebred, cow and calf - Kacie Vejraska, Omak, grand.

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