Yeast breads, cinnamon rolls - Sally R. Alexander, Omak, adult, grand.

Quick breads and rolls, zucchini - Elaine Witters, Okanogan, adult, grand.

Doughnuts or cookies, chocolate chip - Callie Christoph, Omak, junior open, grand.

Doughnuts or cookies, peanut butter - Elisabeth Wilson, Wauconda, youth open, reserve.

Doughnuts or cookies, miscellaneous - Clayton Murrah, Okanogan, open, grand and reserve. Elaine Witters, Okanogan, open, reserve.

Cakes, scratch, chocolate or fudge - Laurence Schell-Rhoads, Tonasket, youth open, reserve.

Cakes, scratch, spice - Lori Wood, Okanogan, adult, reserve.

Cupcakes - AnnMarie DeMarre, Omak, junior open, reserve.

Cakes, scratch, carrot - Leah Tibbs, Methow, junior open, reserve.

Decorated cake - Connor Draggoo, Omak, youth open, reserve. Vanessa Draggoo, Omak, youth open, reserve. Marilyn Ludden, Riverside, adult, grand.

Patry, two-crust - Leah Boers, Okanogan, open, grand. Kase Denison, Tonasket, youth open, grand. Betsy Peterson, Omak, adult, grand.

Candy, fudge - Mary Scholz, Tonasket, adult, grand.

Candy, miscellaneous - Mary Scholz, Tonasket, adult, grand and reserve.

Apple, muffins - Mary Scholz, Tonasket, adult, reserve.

Honey, candy - Alisha McMillan, Twisp, adult, reserve.

Gluten-free, bread, fruit/nut - Reva Reed, Winthrop, adult, grand.

Gluten-free, other - Reva Reed, Winthrop, adult, grand.

Canned pickles and relishes, dill - Kinsey Christoph, Omak, junior open, reserve.

Cakes, with aid from packed mix, white or plain, layer - Bettie Wehmeyer, Loomis, junior open, grand.

Crocheted or knitted, afghan - Carol Carder, Omak, adult, reserve.

Crocheted or knitted, cap - Ava Burrington, Twisp, reserve.

Crocheted or knitted, cardigan - Debby Sharp, Conconully, adult, grand.

Crocheted or knitted, stole - Payton Ravenstein, Methow, junior open, reserve. Zayne Ravenstein, Methow, junior open, grand.

Counted cross stitch, crib quilt - Alisha McMillan, Twisp, adult, grand.

Counted cross stitch, miscellaneous, Oroville, adult, grand.

Rugs, hooked - Jennifer Stellmach, Tonasket, adult, grand.

Sewing, other - Ameila Anderson, Oroville, adult, grand.

Accessories, shawl - Priya Mozes, Oroville, adult, grand.

Embroidered quilts, hand - Sarah Rose Dixon, Malott, adult, grand.

Embroidered quilts, machine - Linda Baker, Okanogan, open, reserve and grand.

Large individual quilts, long-arm quilted - Angie Stolp, Brewster, open, reserve.

Large individual quilts, machine quilted - Debbie Morris, Okanogan, adult, reserve and grand.

Quilted miscellaneous articles, other - Cinder Kenner, Oroville, adult, grand.

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