OKANOGAN – Animal Foster Care has put out a plea for volunteers to provide foster homes for cats and kittens.

Although the organization operates a shelter and a house for long-term foster cats, home settings still are needed – especially for expectant moms or new moms with kittens.

During a seven-day period at the end of October, the shelter took in 66 cats and kittens, with the majority being kittens, according to the group.

“It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by this number and even harder to think about how dangerous this cold weather is for small kittens,” said. The group. “If you’ve visited our shelter, you know how small it is and numbers like this put us over capacity quickly.”

Because there’s no money to expand the shelter, 4 Spring Coulee Road, the group relies heavily on foster families to increase its capacity.

“We’d be glad to put you in touch with one of our current fosters so they could share what their fostering experience has been,” said the group.

Animal Foster Care also noted that a female cat can have kittens when she’s as young as 3-4 months old and can have up to three litters a year.

“Another great way to help is to encourage everyone you know to spay and neuter not only their family pets, but also community, feral or neighborhood cats,” said the group. “Please help us make a positive impact on the extreme overpopulation situation in our county.”

Information about foster care is on the group’s website, www.animalfostercare.org. Messages can be sent via the group’s Facebook page, Animal Foster Care Cat Shelter.

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