Hospital staff gets culinary training

Mid-Valley Hospital.

There has been talk around Mid-Valley Hospital about the hospital foundation.

What is the foundation? What is its purpose?

Those are some of the questions which have been asked by myself and by people who have recently encountered the foundation.

The intent and purpose of Mid-Valley Hospital Foundation’s objectives are clearly stated in the mission statement: “The mission of the Mid-Valley Hospital Foundation is to raise, steward, and disburse funds for the benefit of Mid-Valley Hospital and the wellness of the community it serves.”

With constant rise in health care cost, endless efforts to reform the health care system, and to address the needs of underserved areas, this mission statement is not just a simple phrase. The mission statement of the foundation is a declaration to the community that Mid-Valley hospital recognizes the importance of providing access to convenient and quality health care while not placing the financial burden on the shoulders of the community.

To make such a statement was daunting. It would be intimidating for a single person to try and complete this task alone. Thankfully, the MVH Foundation is a committee of dedicated individuals who provide a portion of their time and attentions, apart from their regular jobs, to help see this mission through. Kimberly Freel, president of the MVH Foundation, explained that the success of the foundation is directly linked to the awareness and participation of the hospital’s employees and community involvement.

Successes of the foundation’s efforts can be seen in the hospital in the form of continuing education scholarships.

Last September, the foundation had a joint fundraiser with the Okanogan-Omak Rotary Club at RockWall Cellars in Omak. Through their combined efforts and community support they were able to raise nearly $12,000 toward scholarships specifically for continuing education. Continuing education is required additional studies mandated by the governing bodies of each medical field.

Quite often, these required continuing education credits cost money. These scholarships illustrate an effort to support the hospital’s current providers and staff, as well as attract new specialist.

Another example of the MVH Foundation’s efforts can be seen in the emergency department with the use of the AutoPulse machine. The AutoPulse is a system which provides high-quality automated CPR to victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

Currently, hospital employees are contributing to the foundation every other Friday, which has been dubbed “Foundation Fridays.”

This is an ongoing program where employees can electively wear jeans, instead of their normal work attire, and donate $1 to the foundation fund.

They also receive a sticker from the foundation to wear, announcing to others that they proudly participated in the foundation’s ongoing program.

A major upcoming campaign is scheduled this year with the aims of raising funds for the physical therapy department. At this time, there is an extensive list of equipment needed in order to reach a new level service. This higher level of service will provide improved options for recovery, strength-building, and rehabilitation locally.

As the efforts continue, the community can look forward to seeing the fruits of labors of the foundation. Keep an eye out in the community for your opportunity to participate with the foundation fundraisers and activities. These will promote awareness as well as give individuals a chance to be involved in the continued growth and development of the hospital which they can proudly call their own.

Jeremiah Price is the acting marketing director for Mid-Valley Hospital. He can be reached at

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