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OROVILLE – Oroville High School and Oroville Middle School have announced their honor rolls for first semester.

4.0, all A’s

Seniors – Carson Allie, Nelsie Avelino, Emily Grunert, Madelyn Martin, Casey Todd.

Juniors – Oscar Cervantes, Odin Finsen, Paul Fuchs, Hailey Smither.

Sophomores – Marta Capote, Mackayla Clark.

Eighth-graders – Bailee Allen, Steven Brand, Jose Bugarin-Morales, Jayden Glover, Anna Hernandez.

Seventh-grader – Crystal Nemecio.


Seniors – Isabel Galvan-Guzman, Julian Lopez, Miguel Nunez-Moreno, John Reverente.

Juniors – Trevor Miller, Kolo Moser, Meladie Young.

Sophomores – Kylie Acord, David Johnson, Skyler Noel, Caithlyn Reverente.

Freshmen – Araceli Esquivel, Angel Fulmer.

Eighth-graders – Sofia Cervantes-Adame, Michael Fulmer, Liset Nemecio-Martinez, Briseida Ortiz, Vincent Reyes, Perla Reyes-Garfias.

Seventh-graders – Tucker Acord, Hazel Fogg, Morgan Hamilton, William Moreau, Ariona Nelson, Lisbeth Nemecio-Martinez, Noah Saltz, Mason Wall.


Seniors – Tyler Carnholm, Ethan Godinez, Lexie Hamilton, Gabriel Montes, Kaylie-Ana Wright.

Juniors – Xitlalyq Cervantes, Noah Johnson, Phoebe Stokes.

Sophomores – Addison Calico-Fray, Jazmine Huffman, Isai Layata, Sierra Moser, Hezekiah Rochester, Wyatt Sherrer, Reagan Whiteaker.

Freshmen – Brylee Bolin, Calista Fray, Faith Hamilton, Bruce Jolliffe, Bo Miller, Amelia Moreau, Lauren Rawley, Carmen Rhoton, Jose Sanchez, Gracie Wisdom.

Eighth-graders – Gisela Bejar, Kevin Castillo, Lisveth Esquivel, Allie Fredrickson, Anthony Herrick, Korbin Mendoza, Isabella Subias-Marston.

Seventh-graders – Hailey Beal, Noah Berg, Noah Harrell, Landon Howe, Gwyndolyn Thompson.

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