Pinewood cars

Boy Scouts will benefit from an auction of Pinewood Derby cars made by former Sheriff Frank Rogers.

OKANOGAN — Fans of Pinewood Derby cars and supporters of Boy Scouts have until March 16 to submit a bid to buy Frank Rogers’ collection of hand-crafted Pinewood Derby cars.

The former Okanogan County sheriff donated the cars - and assorted parts used to make the racers - to the Grand Columbia Boy Scout Council as a fundraiser.

Rogers crafted the seven cars as part of his sponsorship of the local Cub Scouts’ Pinewood Derby, starting in 2006. Several won sponsor races.

People interested in bidding on the collection may contact the Scouts at Okanogan Valley Boy Scout District Chairman Dave Yarnell said he and District Executive David Pope will monitor bids and post the high bid of the week on the Okanogan Valley District and Grand Columbia Council Facebook pages.

The auction closes at this year’s district Pinewood Derby, set for March 16 in Omak. The whole collection goes to the top bidder.

Pinewood Derby cars start as a kit containing a wooden or plastic car blank, wheels and axles. It’s up to the Scout — or sponsor — to fine-tune the design in an attempt to make it run faster than the competition or win the event’s best-looking car contest.

Some car makers sand and buff both bodies and wheels, others use graphite to lube up wheels and axles. Others add strategically placed weights. Some paint and decorate their cars.

Rogers fashioned his first car in the shape of a Batman logo since he is a fan of the caped crusader. The others bear logos and some sport the working lights of a police car.

“I’m just trying to get money for the Scouts,” said Rogers of the donation. “Four have LED lights. It’s just fun building them.”

Yarnell said Rogers’ ongoing involvement helped get kids enthused about designing their own cars and participating in the races.

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