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WINTHROP - Four Methow Valley students have launched a project to help other youngsters cope with isolation brought on by coronavirus-related closure of schools.

Jackson, Tristan, Braydn and Landon Schmekel posted information about the project on the Methow Valley School District’s Facebook page for students of Liberty Bell Junior-Senior High School, Independent Learning Center and Methow Valley Elementary School.

“I’m sure many of you may be feeling a little disconnected. Missing your friends, sports, clubs, teachers and what we ‘used’ to have. Maybe you didn’t even know you actually liked going to school,” they wrote.

Now that students are realizing they won’t go back to school buildings, many may feel isolated, they continued.

“People are in need of knowing someone is thinking of them and they are cared about. People need to be connected. We need to be ‘checking in’ as opposed to checking out,” the message continued.

The Only7Seconds positive mindset movement, whose mission is to fight isolation, was launched during high school basketball season and will continue. Under the project, daily “hope notes” are going to students in meal bags prepared by the school district. The notes include an encouraging quote on one side and a challenge on the back.

The Schmekels encouraged other students and their families to participate, and to reach out to someone, connect and offer hope.

“Then, email your teachers, your principal, family members and friends,” said organizers. “Tell them and/or send them pictures of what you are doing for your challenges. Find a creative way to display your cards at home. Have your challenge be a part of your weekly school work.

“Our community will get through this and we will be all the stronger for it. Thank you for joining us as we spread a message of hope.”

More information is available on Instagram and Facebook at #Only7Seconds.

They also acknowledged support from Darla Hussey and Twisp Daily Art and Business Supply.

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