County residents grow prize winners

Carrots, in multiple colors, are entered in the horticulture area.

OKANOGAN - Okanogan County Fair horticulture results:

Apples, Golden Delicious - Elaine Witters, Okanogan, reserve.

Apples, Gala - Hilton Foyle, Brewster, 4-H grand.

Beets - Deb Ritch, Omak, grand.

Carrot - Westin Weller, Tonasket, junior open grand.

Carrot, other colored varieties - Elliot DeMarre, Omak, reserve.

Cucumbers, slicing - Brexton Edmonds, Omak, grand.

Cucumbers, English - Deb Ritch, Omak, reserve.

Gourds - Reese Bowling, Omak, junior open grand.

Gourds, large - Chloe McFarland, Tonasket, junior open, reserve.

Leeks - Gary Walker, Carlton, adult grand.

Onions, white - Gay Walker, Carlton, adult grand.

Onions, yellow - AnnMarie DeMarre, Omak, reserve.

Peppers, mixed - Deb Ritch, Omak, grand.

Potatoes, red - Addison Lisenbey, Riverside, youth open reserve.

Potatoes, specialty - Mia Palomares, Tonasket, grand.

Pumpkin, miniature - Rick Lewis, Winthrop, adult grand. Chloe McFarland, Tonasket, junior open reserve.

Pumpkin, pie varieties - Vanessa Draggoo, Omak, youth open reserve.

Pumpkin, field variety - Autumn Redman, Omak, junior open grand. Tammy Taylor, Brewster, open reserve.

Squash, winter - Kelly Buchert, Tonasket, adult grand. Floyd Covey, Omak, open grand.

Squash, summer - Westin Weller, Tonasket, junior open reserve.

Swiss chard - Deb Ritch, Omak, reserve.

Tomatoes, ripe, full-size variety - Ruby Reid, Omak, reserve.

Tomatoes, ripe, paste varieties - Deb Ritch, Omak, grand.

Tomatoes, ripe, cherry varieties - Savannah Coe, Tonasket, junior open grand.

Tomatoes, green, other varieties - Deb Ritch, Omak, reserve.

Mixed vegetable display - Deb Ritch, Omak, grand.

Largest vegetable of its kind - Lucas Cory, Tonasket, FFA, reserve. Floyd Covey, Omak, open grand, zucchini. Deb Ritch, Omak, reserve. Tammy Taylor, Brewster, open grand, watermelon. Turner Timm, Okanogan, junior open grand, pumpkin.

Kale - Deb Ritch, Omak, grand.

Dill - Buzz Berney, Okanogan, grand.

Dill seed - Deb Ritch, Omak, reserve.

Sage - Tyge Plank, Loomis, junior open, grand.

Scarecrow, judged by fair goers - Bettie Wehmeyer, Loomis, junior open grand. Bobby Wehmeyer, Loomis, junior open reserve.

Spud in a bucket - Sara Bedient, Tonasket, open grand.

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