Scouts show crafting, art skills

Girl Scout entries and a display of historical uniforms make for a colorful display.

OKANOGAN - Okanogan County Fair results for Girl Scouts:

Badge skill - Bethany Corson, Omak, Daisy, grand petal work. Vada Watson, Omak, Brownie, grand diorama lynx. Chloe Skinner, Okanogan, Junior, grand binder display of badges. Elisabeth Bedard, Omak, Cadette, grand woodworking bade. Isabel Galvan, Oroville, Senior/Ambassador, reserve collage. Stephanie Bedard, Omak, leader, grand troop first aid kit. Laura Martinez, Oroville, leader, reserve sit-upons.

Plant life - Madilynn Marsden, Omak, Daisy, reserve Martha Washington flowers. Elisabeth Bedard, Omak, Cadette junior open grand kalanchoe.

Photography - Bethany Corson, Omak, Daisy, grand portrait.

Painting, drawing, paper craft, cards, etc. - Hailey Craddock, Okanogan, Junior, grand badge skill, and reserve Mount St. Helens drawing. Elisabeth Bedard, Omak, Cadette, reserve pastel picture.

General art - Madilynn Marsden, Omak, Daisy, reserve felt owls. Elisabeth Bedard, Omak, Cadette junior open, reserve oven push-pull, and reserve cutting board. Ali Johnson, Okanogan, Senior/Ambassador, grand and queen’s choice grand hope chest, and grand and queen’s choice reserve mom sign.

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