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OKANOGAN – An Omak man was charged Feb. 11 with first-degree assault with a firearm or deadly weapon after a shooting Feb. 10 on North Juniper Street in Omak.

Dallas Dean Wilson, 26, is accused of shooting Nathaniel L. Harris, 40. He’s also accused of unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon, which carries a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.

The assault charge counts as a “most serious offense” under the state’s three strikes law.

A report by Omak Police Det. Brien Bowling accompanied the charging document as a probable cause statement.

Wilson is accused of hitting Harris in the head with a pool stick outside an apartment on North Juniper Street. Harris then hit back and the two fell to the ground, the report said.

A pistol in Wilson’s pocket allegedly fell out and a fight ensued over possession of the pistol.

Wilson allegedly gained control of the pistol and it went off, with the bullet hitting Harris in the abdomen. The gun apparently went off again in the direction of the apartment building.

Harris got control of the pistol and ran inside the building, the report said. He was later taken to Mid-Valley Hospital by LifeLine Ambulance.

Bowling wrote that he found a jacket, brass knuckles and a beanie in the street in front of the apartment building, and about 25 feet away, a loaded flare gun, two 9 mm magazines, the lower half of a pool stick, keys, Wilson’s state identification card and his concealed pistol permit.

Near the front door of the building, he found a jacket and a black beanie, an empty 9 mm casing and, inside a second door, a tan-colored 9 mm pistol sitting on a chair. What appeared to be blood was found on the door handle and the pistol handle, the report said.

Sgt. Darren Duncan, also on the scene, reported Wilson approached him with his hands in the air. Wilson was detained by Sgt. Tait Everett of the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office.

Wilson and Harris apparently had met to talk about Wilson’s estranged girlfriend, the report said.

A harassment no-contact order was issued Feb. 11, with Harris as the protected party. In a separate case, a protection order was issued for the girlfriend and their 2-year-old child.

During a preliminary appearance Feb. 11, bail was set at $250,000. Arraignment is set for Feb. 24.

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