A state Department of Transportation camera captured images of something in front of the large tree at left. Some believe the image is that of Bigfoot.

SHERMAN PASS — A mysterious creature that appeared in front of a state Department of Transportation mountain pass camera has left residents scratching their heads wondering if a strange, dark object in a photo may be the legendary Bigfoot.

Officials from the state Department of Transportation say the image is no hoax, but there is backstory to photos and videos captured on the webcam.

“No, it was not a hoax to drum up business for skiers, snowboarders,” said DOT spokesman Ryan Overton. “For about 15 years now, various items have been popping up in front of the camera.

“We have had Christmas trees in the winter with battery operated lights, an inflatable blow-up alien doll that moved to different locations in front of the camera during its stint on the mountain,” he said. “Now, there has been something in front of the camera for a while now, but due to lighting, shadow…there has never been a good opportunity to get a photo of it.”

The photo atop Sherman Pass was apparently taken Jan. 23.

Less than 24 hours later, another mysterious image appeared atop Snoqualmie Pass.

“So, we turn to the other day when I was getting a screenshot to update road conditions and the lighting was near perfect to capture ‘Sasquatch,’” Overton said. “Now, we don’t know exactly what it is but thought it would be fun to share and it has become quite the topic of discussion. We plan to do a follow up when our signals crew does its quarterly inspection of the camera in February and hope to get more answers.”

Okanogan resident Brittany Waters said she thinks the subject in the video appears to be of a man or woman, by the way the gate appears in the video; they are walking tirelessly through the snow.

“Bigfoot wouldn’t be struggling,” Waters said.

Bill Conn, also of Okanogan, said he drove by the location two years ago and claims he saw Bigfoot standing in the exact same spot and in the exact same position.

“Poor guy must be frozen solid,” Conn said.

Adam Deprati of Winthrop said he saw what appeared to be a subject mid stride with a car in the background, and the same place in the next photo with the same stride and background, but no car.  

“I believe in Bigfoot, but not this one,” Deprati said.

A few years ago a metal, life-size “Bigfoot” was placed atop Disautel Pass.

Created by local artist Smoker Marchand, the silhouette remains a popular roadside attraction.

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