The Brickhouse will occupy the former Hideaway Grill building at the north end of town.

OROVILLE — Folks craving a juicy cheeseburger and cold drink will soon have their needs met at the Brickhouse Restaurant.

Husband and wife team Brick and Gale Wall don’t have an exact opening date, but said they are working on the final touches.

“We are hoping to open within the next couple of weeks,” said Gale Wall. “We had been waiting on the construction of a new kitchen in the building we’re in now, and just got the final inspection last week.”

The couple previously owned the Hornet’s Nest at the north end of town. The new eatery will occupy part of the former Hideaway Grill building, 2002 N Main St #3.

Wall said they are still working on some electrical issues, “and then the health department will have their way with us, and then we should be good to go.”

“We hope by the end of next week for sure we will be ready to go,” Wall said. “Brick will be running the place for the most part, and we will have around 12 or so employees.”

Wall said they will hire for a couple of positions but have a full crew for the most part.

The couple said they announced in June that the Hornet’s Nest would be closing because they had outgrown their previous building.

Wall said the food quality will be the same, but with the added benefit of additional seating and the option to order alcoholic beverages - including hard liquor.

“We’re going to start with takeout only for the first week or so to give our employees time to get back into the swing of things, and then will start seating people,” Wall said. “We will be a full bar as well, but that will also come later - a couple of weeks or so after opening.”

Wall said they’re not planning a big grand opening or anything, just quietly flipping on the “open” sign and will start cooking.

Most importantly, Wall said their focus is to be a family friendly restaurant and the bar will just “be a bonus.”

“The food is what got us where we are, so we don’t plan on wavering or changing that much,” Wall said. “We have so much amazing support from the community and we don’t want to disappoint anyone. We’re looking forward to getting back at it for sure.”

For more information and to stay updated on the progress of the restaurant, see their Facebook page.

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