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Aug. 16, 1945

“The war is over!”

This was the glad news that came over the radio to Omak residents at 4 o’clock Tuesday.

Within two minutes after the president announced, “This is official,” the whistle at the Model Laundry started blowing, with E.T. Stewart and O.E. Storch pulling the cord. Cars started racing down the streets with horns in full blast, the city fire siren and the Biles-Coleman Lumber Co. whistle added to the din.

Store and office workers ran out onto the street, and started shouting, “This is it! The war is over at last!” Flags soon lined the street, and more cars kept coming as employees of Biles-Coleman shut off their machines and headed for town or home.

The laundry whistle blew continuously for over one-half hour.

In the evening, members of the American Legion and other service men held a parade, and a celebration dance was held that night at Maple Hall.

Lights burned late in many homes as families and friends gathered to talk over this memorable occasion, the ending of bloodshed, and peace throughout the world.

Wednesday morning car owners could drive up to any service station and say, “Fill ‘er up.”

Fuel oil and blue point canned fruits and vegetables are also off the rationing list. Red point foods, sugar and shoes are still rationed.

The mill and factory of the Biles-Coleman Lumber Co. is closed until Friday. The local stores also closed Wednesday.

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