omak city hall

Omak City Hall

OMAK – The city council is still considering whether to modify a no-parking zone in the Wildwood subdivision area.

“No parking” signs placed on Bramble Avenue in August drew criticism from Wildwood neighborhood residents during the Omak City Council’s Aug. 17 meeting.

Federico Pacheco, a Bramble Avenue resident since 1997, said there was no notice about the signs, which were installed earlier that day. He said he has a six-bedroom home and nine children, all of whom have vehicles, living with him.

He wanted to know where his family would park.

Pacheco returned to the council for its Sept. 21 meeting to ask about the situation, which had been referred to the council community support/public safety committee.

Pacheco said he drove around to other areas of the city with similar street widths and cul de sacs, and didn’t see any no parking signs in those areas.

Councilwoman Nattalie Cariker said the committee recommends removing the signs from one side of Bramble Avenue, while leaving the side with fire hydrants as a no-parking zone.

City Administrator Todd McDaniel said he understands there would be no parking in the cul de sac portion of the street, and said the committee asked him to look at other streets that are narrow and should have no parking.

Mayor Cindy Gagne said until the city makes a final decision, there will be no enforcement of no parking zones in the Wildwood area.

Pacheco also requested “slow, kids at play” signs be installed.

During the August meeting, Wildwood Drive resident Miguel Mejia said he’s concerned that if people can’t park on Bramble Avenue they will park on Wildwood Drive and leave no room for Wildwood residents’ family and friends.

City Administrator McDaniel said the city received parking complaints for the area and, in researching the problem, discovered a 2010 city ordinance prohibiting parking on Bramble Avenue. The council committee advised that signs be installed.

In other business Sept. 21, the council:

-Learned Boy Scouts Grand Columbia Council raised $102,600 in July and August to support Scouting in the region.

-Approved an interfund loan from current expense to the street fund. The money is to be returned to the general fund before the fiscal year ends.

-Approved a contract amendment with J-U-B Engineering for airport water improvements. The change increases the contract by $25,563.18.

-Learned a use rate of $800 per day was negotiated for fire camp use of East Side Park. The city will receive about $11,000 in revenue.

-Heard Gagne thank the fire, police and public works departments for the extra time and efforts they put in during the Cold Springs Fire.

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