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OKANOGAN - Emergency weight restrictions have been imposed on several roads in Okanogan and Ferry counties and the Colville Indian Reservation.

Thawing in several areas led to the weight restrictions because roads are soft and easily damaged, said officials.

In Okanogan County, restrictions depend on a vehicle’s weight per tire and type of tire. Except for school buses, emergency vehicles, transports of perishable commodities and vehicles necessary for public health and safety, all vehicles weighing more than 18,000 pounds and with more than six wheels are prohibited.

As of Feb. 3, emergency weight restrictions are in place in Okanogan County in:

-Area one (Omak-Okanogan, west side of Okanogan River) - Salmon Creek Road, mileposts 4.18-15.40; Conconully Road, mileposts 8.44-18.67.

-Area two (Omak-Okanogan, east side of river to Nespelem area) - Cache Creek Road; Columbia River road.

-Area three (Methow to Mazama) - No restrictions.

-Area four (Brewster, Pateros, Malott areas) - Chiliwist Road.

-Area five (Tonasket, Loomis, Havillah and Wauconda areas) - No restrictions.

-Area six (Oroville, Chesaw and Similkameen areas) - No restrictions.

Green Lake Road, from mileposts 2.08-3.72, and Salmon Creek Road, mileposts 2.18-2.35, remain closed because of emergency closures.

In Ferry County, roads with weight restrictions include: Inchelium Highway, mileposts zero to 23.45; Silver Creek Road, mileposts zero to 51.01; Boulder Creek Road, mileposts zero to 22.85; West Curlew Lake Road, mileposts zero to 8.07; Kiwanis Road, mileposts zero to 2.08; West Herron Creek Road, mileposts zero to one; Knob Hill Road, mileposts zero to 3.53; Knob Hill East Road, mileposts zero to 2.59; Old Kettle Falls Road, mileposts zero to 8.55; Old Kettle Falls East Road, mileposts zero to 1.31; Klondike Road, mileposts 1.13-4.55; Bridge Creek Road, mileposts zero to 30.25; Cache Creek Road, mileposts zero to 7.15.

On the reservation, the Bureau of Indian Affairs has imposed emergency weight restrictions on Inchelium-Gifford Ferry Road and Inchelium Short Cut Road.

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