OKANOGAN – A status conference is planned Jan. 13 for a Redmond man charged with multiple crimes after allegedly breaking into an Omak home last March, assaulting the occupants and stealing their truck.

Kyle Andrew Finley, 27, was charged March 25 in Okanogan County Superior Court with two counts each of first-degree assault with a deadly weapon and third-degree assault of a law enforcement officer, and one count each of first-degree robbery, residential burglary, theft of a motor vehicle, second-degree malicious mischief, third-degree malicious mischief, hit and run-property damage, disarming a police officer and resisting arrest.

Documents from a telephonic hearing Dec. 16 indicate Finley is seeking a ruling of not guilty by reason of insanity.

An earlier status hearing on Oct. 14 indicated Finley was found competent to stand trial.

An order finding him competent was filed the same day. The finding was based on an agreement of the parties and a report by Dr. Amy L. Sellers of Eastern State Hospital.

“Dr. Sellers and a team at Eastern State Hospital tested Mr. Finley and opines that Mr. Finley is restored and competent to proceed in all aspects of these proceedings included but not limited to the ability to assist in his defense and an understanding of the nature of the proceedings and the charges against him,” said the document.

Judge Henry A. Rawson ordered, based on a recommendation from Sellers, that a designated crisis responder evaluate Finley prior to any release.

“The court finds that there has not been a showing by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant lacks the capacity to understand the nature of the proceedings against him or her or to assist in his or her own defense as a result of a mental disease or defect,” said the document’s findings of fact.

The incident was reported at 5:43 p.m. March 25, 2019, after the man apparently removed a screen and climbed through a window to enter the home of John and Tonya Wilson on East Bartlett Street, said Omak Police Chief Jeff Koplin.

Court records allege the victims both were hit repeatedly during the break-in. They were taken to Mid-Valley Hospital.

The suspect allegedly hit Tonya Wilson, then 73, several times in the face and hit her husband repeatedly with an end table. She attempted to retrieve a pistol from the bedroom, but the suspect entered the bedroom, punched her until he knocked her down and then used a small table to beat her repeatedly, according to court records.

John Wilson, then 82, allegedly was struck with a table lamp and lost a tooth in the altercation.

The suspect demanded the keys to their vehicle and John Wilson told him where they were, court records said. The suspect left in the pickup truck and they called 911.

The pickup truck later ran into a fence near the intersection of Bartlett Avenue and Locust Street, with damage to the fence estimated at $1,000, and the suspect fled on foot, court records said. A damage estimate for the truck was not known at the time court documents were filed.

An estimated $200 damage was done to items inside the residence.

Two Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office deputies, Justin Weigel and Gisberth Gonzalez, allegedly caught up to the suspect.

Weigel found the suspect hiding behind a tree, drew his pistol and gave verbal commands to the suspect, but the man allegedly charged at Weigel and struck him several times in the face, according to court documents. The deputy’s sunglasses, valued at $180, were broken.

The deputy allegedly took the man to the ground and the suspect tried to take the pistol from the officer, court records said.

The suspect was then handcuffed and taken to Mid-Valley Hospital with breathing difficulties. He was later flown to Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee.

Finley was arrested March 23 and booked in to the Okanogan County Jail late that night.

Bail was set at $150,000 during a preliminary appearance March 25. The public defender’s office was appointed to represent Finley. No-contact orders were issued against Finley for the Wilsons.

Okanogan County Sheriff Tony Hawley said both deputies were treated at Mid-Valley Hospital and released the same evening. Neither missed any work because of the injuries.

Finley apparently had driven to the area in a vehicle belonging to his father. The vehicle was found abandoned outside town, Koplin said.

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