SHERIFF From Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reports

May 1

Harassment/threat at 491 Road 14 N.E., Mansfield.

Harassment/threat in Mansfield, location not given.

Theft at 16 Central St., Bridgeport Bar.

April 30

Vehicle crash on Highland Orchard Road at Old Highland Orchard Road, Bridgeport.

April 29

Malicious mischief at 1220 Kryger St., Bridgeport.

Vehicle crash at 102 Coronado St., Bridgeport Bar.

April 28

Graffiti at 2004 Foster Creek Ave., Bridgeport.

Graffiti at 2001 Foster Creek Ave., Bridgeport.

Stabbing or gunshot on state Highway 173, milepost 10, Bridgeport Bar.

April 25

Disturbance at 1830 Tacoma Ave., Bridgeport.

April 23

Burglary at 925 Columbia Ave., Bridgeport.

Animal problem at 32 Wilmot St., Mansfield.

Theft at 45 Hayden Road, Bridgeport.

Theft at 2301 Road 30 N.E., Mansfield.

April 22

911 call to 10 S. Mansfield Blvd., Mansfield.

April 21

Vehicle prowl at 228 Douglas St., Mansfield.

Harassment/threat at 31 W. First Ave., Mansfield.

April 20

Trespassing at 1011 Foster Ave., Bridgeport.

Harassment/threat at 510 10th St., Bridgeport.

Vehicle crash at 929 Maple St., Bridgeport.

Harassment/threat at 510 10th St., Bridgeport.

BREWSTER POLICE From Brewster Police Department reports

May 2

Malicious mischief on South Bridge Street.

May 1

Lost property on West Jay Avenue.

April 30

Burglary on South Bridge Street.

COULEE DAM POLICE From Coulee Dam Police Department reports

May 1

Vehicle prowl on Civic Way. Cash and debit card taken from a wallet in an unlocked vehicle.

April 30

Found property on state Highway 155. Backpack found.

April 26

Assault on Central Drive.

Child missing on Central Drive.

OROVILLE POLICE From Oroville Police Department reports

May 2

Burglary on Golden Street.

April 30

Burglary on 10th Avenue. Beer taken.

April 29

Assault on 17th Avenue.

April 28

Found property on 11th Avenue at Main Street.

April 27

Bull moose spotted on U.S. Highway 97 south of town.

Harassment on Main Street.

April 26

Malicious mischief on Fir Street. Yard lights taken, vehicle entered.

Malicious mischief on 23rd Avenue. Solar lights taken.

Malicious mischief on Central Avenue.

Malicious mischief on 14th Avenue.

Medical call on Cherry Street.

Found property on Ironwood Street.

April 25

Medical call on Main Street.

TONASKET POLICE From Tonasket Police Department reports

May 1

Assault on North State Frontage Road.

April 30

Motorcycle crash on state Highway 20.

Malicious mischief on East Seventh Street.

April 29

Multi-agency emergency drill on state Highway 20.

April 28

Vehicle crash on U.S. Highway 97.

Found property on Cayuse Mountain Road.

April 26

Malicious mischief on state Highway 20.

TWISP POLICE From Twisp Police Department reports

May 1

Vehicle crash on North Methow Valley Highway at West Twisp Avenue.

April 29

Attempted suicide on East Methow Valley Highway.

April 26

Attempted suicide on North Methow Valley Highway.

Vehicle hit a deer on state Highway 20.

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