(Prefers Republican Party)

Age: 42

City/town: Tonasket

Why are you the best choice?

After 12 years of practice in three separate jurisdictions, I have lived a unique legal career. I served as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Baltimore City and Carroll County, Maryland from 2006-2010. As prosecutor, I will ensure that the People’s liberty is protected. We will not overregulate or engage in costly pointless prosecutions. My office will not seek excessive bails or overcharge crimes. My office will be fiscally responsible and will strengthen the civil division ensuring that the County is properly defended in civil matters

What sets you apart from your opponent?

The Prosecutor wields a tremendous amount of power and should only exercise it with humility and integrity. I possess the skills and character necessary to administer justice while simultaneously protecting the People’s rights and guarding their tax dollars. A good prosecutor loves mercy and tempers prosecution with it. I will dismiss a case when it is the right thing to do. I will prosecute all serious crimes committed. I am a civil servant and dedicated to the public’s interest.

What is the biggest challenge your department is facing?

There are many people in our community that believe that the Prosecutor’s Office is part of a “good ‘ol boy” system. They perceive the office as an unfair and partial government agency. This type of reputation is difficult to change. Once the public loses trust in a specific government office, it is almost impossible to change the public’s perception. This distrust in the system itself makes it much more difficult to find the truth and administer justice. The distrust also creates a stagnate environment where cases are not resolved, and simply continued indefinitely costing the community too much in tax dollars and wasted energy.

(Prefers Democratic Party)

Age: 36

City/town: Omak

Why are you the best choice?

I know the job, I do the job, and I love the job. I became a prosecutor to help people and be a voice for those who have been victimized. My views balance the need for public safety and the need to help those in need of services. I prosecute violent offenses, sex offenses, crimes against children, and drug dealers heavily. However, I try to promote service-based resolutions on lower level offenses. I believe in efficiency and am fiscally responsible with the office’s budget. A prosecutor answers to the public and that view is reflected in every action I take.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

I have never wanted to be anything except a prosecutor. I know what it actually takes to do the job as I currently do it every day. I believe in honesty and transparency and always give the honest answer, not just what sounds good. I have years of experience in our local criminal justice system and our local Prosecutor’s Office. I have experience managing the office’s budget; and I have already established good working relationships with other county officials and law enforcement. I also believe that every victim deserves justice, no matter how serious or minor the crime.

What is the biggest challenge your department is facing?

The Prosecutor’s Office simply does not have the resources to handle all of the crimes that occur within the county. The office files approximately 500 felony cases per year and about twice as many misdemeanors. We also receive hundreds of cases from law enforcement to review for possible charges. We are often forced to decline prosecution on lower level crimes or enter plea agreements due to a lack of resources. The biggest challenge is to figure out how to maximize our ability to prosecute crimes and represent victims within the limited resources of the office and the county.

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