DeTro's Western Store set to open soon

DeTro's Western Store will feature a fresh, rustic theme.

RIVERSIDE — Roger and Lori Sawyer will be opening DeTros Western Store any day…or perhaps any week now.

“We’re still waiting for inventory, that’s the hang-up,” said Lori.

The couple purchased the store March 26, and have been working hard making changes to the interior of this Western store first operated by Lee Frank as a general mercantile store before being purchased by the DeTro family in 1946.

A hardwood counter greets the eye when a customer first walks in. It was built by Kimmie Sawyer and her boyfriend, Matt Beard, with wood from the 2015 fires donated by Richard McKinney of Oroville.

Benches for the dressing rooms were also made from the pine, and fit comfortably into the large rooms, one of them ADA-accessible.

“The old dressing rooms, if you leaned over to pick your boots up off the floor, your backside stuck out between the curtains,” said Lori’s daughter, Arin Hylton.

The Sawyers also re-did the floor, spending a week and a half and going through 45 gallons of glue to install the vinyl flooring.

The LED lighting is all new, lending a glow to the varnished pine wood and corrugated tin furnishings.

The Sawyers said they purchased building supplies locally, with 90 percent bought through Midway Building Supply and 10 percent at Omak’s Home Depot when they needed something right away.

They have done all the remodeling themselves, with 4,400 square feet for merchandise.

“It’s just us, we’re an independent building team. Although there have been times I’ve regretted that,” said Roger.

The business will be run by Roger and Lori, along family members Kimberly, Hylton and Ashley Fox, with two outside employees, including 2002 Tonasket Rodeo Queen Ashley Utt.

The store will carry the same line of items it has for the past 72 years; everything from saddles and Western tack to boots, shirts and belts as well as suits for men and dresses, jewelry and bling for the ladies.

“We’ve also got some updated items, and we are looking to feature one local artist every month, displaying their art in the windows,” said Lori. They are looking for names of artists interested in this opportunity.

“We will have a Facebook page up soon, and a website with online sales eventually,” said Lori.

The stores will be open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

The store is located at 107 Main St., phone 509-826-2200.

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