DNR map

Map shows locations of land parcels in Okanogan County that would be included in the parcel exchange.

MOUNT VERNON – A proposed state Department of Natural Resources land swap involving trust lands in Okanogan and several other counties is the topic of a public hearing next week.

The presentation and hearing will be at 6 p.m. Nov. 14 in the Skagit County Commissioners’ Office, 1800 Continental Place.

DNR proposes an inter-trust exchange of up to 1,176 acres of trust land in Okanogan, Benton, Jefferson, Klickitat and Spokane counties for up to 1,574 acres of land bank property in Benton, Kitsap, Skagit and Snohomish counties.

The exchange would replace lands no longer suitable for trust management, said the agency.

In Okanogan County, 12 parcels would be transferred out of trust status. They include:

-Two common school trust parcels northeast of Twisp. One is 80 acres and the other is 120 acres.

-Four agricultural school trust and common school trust parcels east of Twisp. Two are 40 acres, one is 120 acres and another is 160 acres.

-A 30-acre common school trust parcel southeast of Twisp along the Methow River.

-A 40-acre common school trust parcel east of Tonasket.

-Four common school trust parcels west of Omak. Two are 160 acres, one is 40 acres and one is 80 acres.

DNR is accepting written comments about the proposed land exchange until 5 p.m. Nov. 22. Comments may be emailed to exchanges@dnr.wa.gov, or mailed to the Department of Natural Resources, Conservation, Recreation and Transactions Division, Attention: Land Bank Exchange 2019, P.O. Box 47014, Olympia, WA 98504-7014.

If the exchange is approved, DNR would manage the newly designated trust lands to produce revenues for their beneficiaries and would sell at public auction or directly transfer properties no longer suitable for trust management, said the agency. Sales proceeds would be used to purchase productive lands for DNR to manage.

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