Flood briefs

Ducks rest atop a picnic table in Deep Bay Park in Oroville.

OKANOGAN — A list of damage and losses relating to flooding will be compiled, but with a second, higher crest of the Okanogan River predicted for Saturday, the list hasn’t yet been started.

Okanogan County Emergency Manager Maurice Goodall said the damage list won’t be done “until it slows down” for flooding. It’s difficult to assess damage when some areas are still flooded and when officials know more water is coming.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Services Agency is asking agricultural producers to record a notice of loss.

“Do this sooner rather than later as there is often a short window to report losses,” the agency said. “This information is needed to request federal financial support for flood damage to crops and fields.

More information is available at 509-422-3292.

Meanwhile, The Economic Alliance is collecting information on businesses that are directly or indirectly affected by flooding.

“We need to collect as much information from them (as possible) on how they are impact and can assist to connect them with disaster programs available for small businesses,” said an Oroville Chamber of Commerce announcement.

OKANOGAN — Flooding and seasonal road restrictions have prompted the closure of several local roads.

As of press time, the following roads were closed:

• North Second Avenue, Okanogan, due to dike seepage.

• Green Lake Road, milepost 2.08 to 3.72.

• Sinlahekin Road, milepost 4.5 to 6.495, 12.16 to 15.16.

• Windy Hill Road, milepost 2.69

• Loup Loup Canyon Road, milepost 2.29.

• South Fish Lake Road.

• Salmon Creek Road, milepost 12.6 to 15.4 (Conconully Road).

• Omak-Riverside Eastside Road milepost 5.12 to 9.31.

• North Star Road, milepost 11.2 to 14.38.

• Three Devils Road, milepost 0.00 to 1.75.

• Hanson Road, milepost 0.00 to 1.03.

TONASKET — The Tonasket Commancheros Rodeo Club have offered the use of the Tonasket Rodeo Grounds as an evacuation site for displaced animals due to flooding.

“This is for animal owners to house their animals although animals housed there will be the owner’s responsibility for care,” Okanogan County Emergency Management officials said. “Facility is not locked, people can come and go as needed. Stalls can be used and need to be cleaned as you leave.”

There will be no staff on site.

For more information, contact Mike Stansbury at 509-223 3035 or 509-322-2390.

OKANOGAN — Okanogan County Public Utility District is warning people to be cautious with electricity around the water.

The district advises people shut off breakers if they feel water will reach any electrical devices.

“If water gets high enough that it could possibly reach your electrical panel or meter base, please contact the PUD and we will come and disconnect your service,” utility officials said.

As of Friday, May 11, no PUD customers have experienced unplanned outages because of flooding. There are no current concerns about substations being in danger of flooding.

There have been numerous voluntary shutoffs because of high water.

OKANOGAN — Okanogan County Public Health has instructions on purifying your well water once flood waters have receded.

The instructions can be found at www.okanogancounty.org/

ochd/Purifying_well.pdf .

If you have any questions please call Okanogan County Public Health at 509-422-7140, or the Emergency Operations Center at 509-422-7348.

OROVILLE —Potable drinking water can be found at the at several locations around the region.

Okanogan County Emergency Management reminds residents the sites are not manned, and people needing water can take containers to the locations and fill them from the provided faucets.

Locations include:

• Oroville – city shop, 915 Appleway.

• Tonasket — city shop, 500 Railroad Ave.

• Riverside — City Hall, off First St.

OROVILLE — Sandbags can be found at the following locations:

• Oroville – corner of Kernan and Main streets behind the Oroville Depot Museum.

• Tonasket — city shop, 500 Railroad Ave.

• Okanogan/Omak/Malott – Okanogan Concrete Plant, 2145 Elmway.

Riverside – Riverside Fire Hall, off First Street.

OKANOGAN — The Emergency Operations Center is available to help answer questions and provide information.

For current flood conditions, call 509-422-7348.

— Compiled by Brock Hires and Dee Camp

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