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OKANOGAN – An Oroville man was charged Jan. 8 with burglary and two other crimes in the third filing against him in a month.

Austen James Hamernik, 20, was charged in Okanogan County Superior Court with residential burglary, third-degree theft and third-degree possessing stolen property after a break-in at the home of Cruz Viveros, Oroville.

During a preliminary hearing Jan. 6, the county contract public defender was appointed to represent him. Bail was set at $25,000.

A report from sheriff’s Deputy Isaiah Holloway accompanied charging documents as a probable cause statement.

According to the report, Holloway was called Jan. 5 to Viveros’ home and learned he and his girlfriend, Tawnny Hein, had left the day before to take their child to a doctor’s appointment and did not return until Jan. 5. They found the house a mess and discovered clothing, a new pellet pistol, a jar of money and a house key were gone.

Someone used a bathroom, which had a toilet that did not work, and also ate some cereal, the deputy learned. A garden hose had been cut up and used to siphon fuel from a truck, the report said.

They suspected her brother, Hamernik. A guitar and clothing belonging to Hamernik and left at the home were gone, the report said.

Holloway allegedly found Hamernik and another man, both wanted in another deputy’s investigation, at an Oroville motel and handcuffed both. Items allegedly taken from Viveros were located in the motel room where the two were arrested, the report said.

In a separate case filed Jan. 8, Hamernik was charged with second-degree taking a motor vehicle without permission, fourth-degree attempted assault, second-degree possessing stolen property and three counts second-degree possessing stolen property-access device.

A report by sheriff’s Deputy Darren Curtis accompanied the charges as a probable cause statement.

Hamernik allegedly was involved in taking a vehicle and possession of four credit cards that did not belong to him, the report said.

Arraignment in both cases was set for Jan. 13.

In the third case, Hamernik pleaded guilty Dec. 10, 2019, to theft of a motor vehicle. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

The theft occurred Nov. 27, 2019. He was charged Dec. 3.

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