OKANOGAN – A Oroville man has been charged in Okanogan County Superior Court with blocking a driveway to prevent an Okanogan County sheriff’s deputy from leaving and, a few days later, with confronting the deputy.

Joseph Nathanael Bowers, 27, was charged Sept. 16 with one count of unlawful imprisonment and two counts of intimidating a public servant, all involving Deputy Isaiah Holloway.

A report by Holloway, which accompanied charging documents as an affidavit of probable cause, said Holloway went to the Jeff Clark residence on Balmes Road to follow up on a burglary investigation. While walking toward the kitchen door, he saw Bowers walking around Clark’s garage, said the report.

Holloway wrote that he greeted Bowers by name and kept walking toward the door. He knocked and Bowers approached, but stopped on the walkway between the garage and the house.

Bowers asked if Holloway had shot his brother, a reference to a June 3 officer-involved shooting east of Tonasket in which Lance R. Bowers, 37, was shot while leaving a car that had burned. A body was found in the vehicle’s trunk.

The body has since been identified as Angela M. Bowers, who had been listed as a missing person since June 17. (See related story.)

Lance Bowers received medical treatment, then was jailed on a weapons charge. He remains in the Okanogan County Jail.

After an investigation, Sgt. Tait Everett and Holloway’s actions were deemed “justified” by the North Central Washington Special Investigations Unit.

During the Sept. 6 encounter with Joseph Bowers, Holloway replied that he was not there to speak with Bowers but was trying to talk to Clark, the report said. Bowers allegedly said Clark was not home.

Holloway wrote that he knocked a while longer while watching Bowers walk behind the garage. The report said Holloway then walked around the house and knocked on another door.

“I observed Bowers close the gate on the driveway so I could not leave,” Holloway’s report said. “Bowers then began barricading the gate area,” allegedly using metal bars and pipes, placed at angles, to block the gate and prevent it from opening.

“At this point I was unable to leave with the gate being barricaded by Bowers,” Holloway wrote. “There was no way to drive around the items Bowers placed at the gate as they blocked the entire driveway.”

The report said Bowers approached the deputy and said cops aren’t above the law and that Holloway was trespassing.

“I informed Bowers that I was welcome at the residence and that Jeff Clark lets me inside his residence every time I come over and I have been coming to his place for years,” Holloway wrote. “I then asked Bowers if he was supposed to be at Jeff’s residence. Bowers would not answer me and walked toward the gate again.”

Holloway called for another police unit because he needed to leave and an Oroville officer arrived and talked with Bowers, the report said. The items were not removed from the gate immediately, even after Holloway told Bowers they needed to be moved, the report said. After second backup unit arrived, the gate was cleared.

After Holloway drove out of the gate, he and the first Oroville officer talked in the roadway, the report said. Another man, Alan Price, arrived and Holloway asked if Bowers was supposed to be on the property. Price said he had not seen Bowers there, but that he believed Clark was home.

“Bowers then began barricading the gate area again,” the report said. “Bowers pushed a boat trailer behind the gate and then began putting metal poles in the gate,” the report said. “Price told Bowers to move all the stuff and informed him that (law enforcement) had permission to be on the property and it’s been like that a long time.”

The boat trailer and poles were removed, then Bowers allegedly walked up to Holloway and the Tonasket officer with one hand behind his back, the report said.

“I could see Bowers had a small knife clipped to his waistband,” said Holloway’s report. “Bowers asked if I would make a verbal agreement with him that was legally binding in Washington state to take off my Batman belt so he could box me. I informed Bowers that I would not box him. Bowers then said OK and walked away toward the residence.”

Holloway then received another call, so he left.

On Sept. 13, Holloway was following up on a burglary complaint on Balmes Road because he’d learned the suspect, Kyle Joseph Coggins, might be in a motorhome on Clark’s property.

He went to Clark’s home and received permission to go on his property and contact a woman who lived in the motorhome. As Holloway and an Oroville officer approached the motorhome, he saw Bowers – carrying a claw hammer - jump out of the motorhome, the report said.

Bowers then accused Holloway of killing his brother and then of shooting his brother, saying it was public information, the report said.

“Bowers stated I wasn’t the only person at the shooting and the military was also there,” the report said. “Bowers then continued to engage me regarding the shooting.”

Holloway replied that he needed to talk to the woman, who then came outside. She told Holloway that Coggins was not there.

After the deputy spoke with the woman, Bowers – still holding the hammer – allegedly made comments to Holloway and said “when I was ready to be a man to take off my badge and my belt so he could fight me,” according to the report.

Bowers was arrested Sept. 14 by the Oroville Police Department with Holloway and Deputy Terry Shrable assisting.

The report said Clark asked that Bowers be trespassed from his property on Sept. 14.

Coggins, 27 – the suspect Holloway was seeking in the Sept. 13 burglary case - was arrested Sept. 13 at a home on O’Neil Road south of Oroville. He was charged Sept. 16 in Okanogan County Superior Court with second-degree burglary and third-degree theft.

He is accused of entering an Oroville-area building, formerly used as a second-hand store, and taking items belonging to Anna Sylvester, Oroville.

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