OKANOGAN - A Wauconda man was charged last week after allegedly driving around on Cougar Creek Road shooting a gun, and threatening a neighbor and a sheriff’s deputy.

Joseph Ronald Remm, 42, was charged Dec. 4 in Okanogan County Superior Court with drive-by shooting, intimidating a public servant, harassment-threats to kill and third-degree assault of a law enforcement officer

During a preliminary hearing Dec. 2, Remm was ordered released from jail on his personal recognizance. The county’s contract public defender was appointed to represent him initially; Remm told the court he has resources to afford a private attorney, according to court records.

A report Deputy Gisberth Gonzalez was included with charging documents as an affidavit of probable cause.

According to the report, Gonzalez was sent to Cougar Creek Road about 10:13 p.m. Nov. 27 for a weapons offense complaint. A woman reported her neighbor was shooting a gun and racing up and down the road.

He allegedly went to her driveway, backed out, walked back up and, while screaming obscenities, asked her to kill him. He then allegedly walked to his property across the creek and fired another shot in her direction.

The man allegedly returned and drove around her circle driveway, then returned to his own property, the report said. The woman and her husband armed themselves.

U.S. Border Patrol agents also responded. Gonzalez said he was driving on Cougar Creek Road when he spotted a vehicle believed to be the suspect’s. It was unoccupied, but the deputy wrote that he saw an open can of beer in the center console.

He and some of the agents walked to a nearby fifth wheel trailer and the deputy identified himself, the report said.

A man came to the door and raised his hands when asked, but initially would not step out of the trailer, the report said. He also allegedly refused to get on the ground when asked.

While the agents talked to the man, Gonzalez walked around the trailer and took the man to the ground, the report said.

The man, later identified as Remm, was handcuffed and placed in the back seat of Gonzalez’ patrol vehicle.

Gonzalez contacted the woman who had reported the shooting. She recounted her alleged encounter with the suspect. The deputy also talked to a man at the same location; he gave a similar account.

After talking with the suspect and closing up the trailer, Gonzalez arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence and drive-by shooting.

En route to jail, Remm allegedly asked the deputy his name, then started making racial comments, and threatened to kill the deputy and his family, the report said. Remm allegedly said the handcuffs were hurting his hands, which were behind his back, so Gonzalez said if Remm cooperated he would re-cuffed the man’s hands in front of his body.

The threats allegedly continued, and Gonzalez wrote that he pulled over on Toroda Creek Road and asked dispatch to send Deputy Darren Curtis to his location. When Curtis arrived, he re-cuffed Remm’s hands behind his back while Gonzalez held a Taser at the ready, the report said.

While driving through Riverside, the suspect allegedly spit at Gonzalez and threatened him.

No field sobriety test was given because of Remm’s alleged behavior, Gonzalez wrote. A breathalyzer at the jail was not working, so no DUI charge was sought.

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