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OKANOGAN – A Brewster man was charged Nov. 9 in Okanogan County Superior Court with three counts of residential burglary and one of second-degree theft.

Joaquin Dearmond Ruiz, 30, is suspected of breaking into a cabin on B&O Road and taking electronics, clothing and paperwork.

A report by Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Cody Orr accompanied the charges as a probable cause statement.

He wrote that he was called Nov. 5 to the cabin and learned, through an interpreter, that items had been taken from Ignacio Gutierrez-Velasco, Marcos Pena-Becerra and Jose Huizar Moreno, who lived together in the cabin. Two rooms off a common area were unlocked and a third had been forced open.

Security system photos showed two men and a woman loading items into a vehicle registered to a Bridgeport woman, the report said.

Items reported missing by the three men included shoes and boots, clothing, cash, a marriage certificate, three birth certificates, three television sets and a remote, two computers, a printer, lights, tax forms, tools and a car stereo. Total value was estimated at approximately $2,939.

Another deputy allegedly spotted the suspect vehicle on Old Highway 97, but was unable to stop it. A man matching the description of one of those in the photos was located walking along the highway and detained, the report said.

The man, Dearmond Ruiz, allegedly told Orr a friend told him they were picking up his belongings and he, Dearmond Ruiz, did not know it was a burglary. He declined to identify the other two people in the pictures for fear of repercussions, the report.

Bail was set Nov. 6 at $10,000 for Dearmond Ruiz by Judge Henry A. Rawson. The county’s contract public defender was appointed to represent him.

Arraignment is set for Nov. 16.

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