naked man

A naked man, whose identity has not been released, jogs north in the turn lane on Okoma Drive.

OMAK – A man being evaluated at Mid-Valley Hospital for allegedly making suicidal threats left the hospital, ran naked up Okoma Drive and was hit by a vehicle before being taken into custody the morning of Nov. 4.

The man, whose identity has not been released, was taken to the hospital early the morning of Nov. 4 for evaluation, said Omak Police Chief Dan Christensen.

The incident began shortly after 5 a.m. on Bull Rope Street northeast of Omak, according to police reports.

He apparently left the hospital multiple times, was returned multiple times. Officer Dustin Silverthorn dealt with the man at least four times, Christensen said.

The man was reported walking on Okoma Drive after 7 a.m., so Silverthorn, Sgt. Darren Duncan and Okanogan County Sheriff’s Deputy Cody Lund contacted the man at Sixth Avenue and Okoma Drive.

They tried to talk the man into returning to the hospital, but he resisted and wouldn’t go, the chief said.

“Under our new (state) H.B. 1310, we cannot use force for detention so we are trying to take all the reasonable time, we have no designated crisis responders to respond,” Christensen said. “Naked man decides to dart into the roadway in front of a citizen who is unable to stop and strikes him. He is not badly hurt, but is hurt - road rash and bleeding.”

The incident backed up traffic in both directions on Okoma Drive and drew a number of people out of their businesses to watch.

Christensen said he arrived and the man was talked into returning to the hospital.

Around 9 a.m., “I was driving to a meeting with the sheriff and I see naked man running right down the middle of Okoma near Damskov (Auto Sales) and Les Schwab,” Christensen said. “I got out and tried to talk to him. He was not cooperative and did not want help.”

Other officers arrived and Officer Jarod Gavin spoke with him.

“We decided to take him into custody, at which time he resisted efforts to restrain him,” said. Christensen.

The chief said he conducted “a laser and arc display” demonstration with his new Taser, “which appeared to convince him to stop resisting.”

Christensen said he contacted the county jail to obtain clearance to book the man for several counts of disorderly conduct, and made a request for evaluation by a designated crisis responder.

He said Okanogan Behavioral HealthCare designates a crisis responder.

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