OKANOGAN – An Oroville man pleaded guilty Oct. 2 to second-degree manslaughter and second-degree assault in a 2017 incident in which two men died.

Andrew Iverson Newman, 21, was sentenced to 42 months in prison for manslaughter and 15 months for the assault. In a separate case, in which he pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon by a person serving a sentence in a local correctional institution, Newman was sentenced to one year.

Newman was accused in the deaths of Joseph Shawl, 46, and Javier Sanchez, 55.

He had been charged with two counts of second-degree murder and one count of second-degree animal cruelty for burn injuries to Shawl’s dog. Charges were amended Oct. 2 to one count of second-degree manslaughter and one count of second-degree assault.

Newman, whose trial had been scheduled for Oct. 1, said in his statement upon pleading guilty that he wanted to plead “in order to resolve the case and take advantage of the plea offer. There is evidence on which I could be convicted at a trial.”

In the second case, Newman received a year in jail for possession of a weapon by a person serving a sentence in a local correctional institution.

He was accused of making a weapon by cutting up a plastic dustpan and holding it to his own neck April 17, 2018, while in jail awaiting trial for the Shawl and Sanchez deaths. While being restrained, he allegedly threatened to kill a corrections officer and an unnamed judge.

That case also involved a plea agreement. Two other charges were dismissed.

He was assessed court fees totaling $1,100 in the two cases.

Newman initially was charged in Shawl’s death. Charges later were amended.

For the original charge involving Sanchez’ death, court records said information received from Patrick Antoine Yallup Sr., corroborated by other information, supported the state’s argument that Newman “is solely responsible for Mr. Sanchez’s death.”

Newman and Yallup are suspected of getting in an altercation with Shawl and Sanchez at a camp on the Okanogan River bank in Omak the night of June 21, 2017. Bodies of Shawl and Sanchez were found later in the river.

Yallup pleaded guilty in early July 2018 to second-degree manslaughter in Shawl’s death. He was sentenced to 36 months in prison and agreed to testify about Newman’s involvement.

Yallup initially was charged with second-degree murder in Shawl’s death. He was not charged in Sanchez’ death.

After his arrest, Newman was evaluated at Eastern State Hospital, Medical Lake, and found competent to stand trial after going through a restoration process. The defense maintained that Newman, who is developmentally disabled, was incompetent to stand trial.

Newman was represented by attorney Dan Connolly, Okanogan.

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