OKANOGAN – Several individuals were hired during the Okanogan School Board’s regular May 26 meeting.

New hires are Emily Zeigler, middle school math teacher; Kara Thornton, elementary teacher; Monica Way, elementary teacher; Shonta Wood, fourth grade teacher; Jill Driver, third grade teacher; Benjamin Cate, middle school social studies and English-language arts teacher; William Haley, high school business education teacher; Shirlee Ramos, middle school special education teacher; Vanessa Grant, middle school math teacher; Carrie Evans, special education para-educator occupational therapy support.

Summer school teachers also were hired. They include Alicia O’Dell, Shonta Wood, Heather Downey, Anna Rawson, Shayla Picard, Jancey Marsh and Mike Carlquist, Virginia Grainger Elementary School first session teachers; Katie Beery, Rachel Abrahamson, Michelle Daling, Shayla Picard, Summer Smith, Amy Sullivan and Mike Carlquist, Virginia Grainger second session teachers.

Other hirees include Tony Klepec, assistant high school wrestling coach; Rebecka Ellis, summer food coordinator; Lisa Peterson, summer food cook; Ed Ashworth, middle school C team boys’ basketball coach.

The board accepted the resignations of Alexandra Aplington, high school assistant volleyball coach; Lavona Buchert, bus driver; Christopher Ward-Guthrie, middle school science teacher, and Gillian Ward-Guthrie, middle school math teacher.

In other business, the board:

-Renewed the district’s membership in the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association for 2021-22.

-Approved purchase of the Savvas curriculum for middle school English-language arts.

-Agreed to let technology department employees carry over their vacation time. The one-time opportunity is because they were unable to use vacation time during the pandemic.

-Approved the academic and student well-being recovery plan, which had to be submitted to the state for review by June 1.

-Approved the middle school improvement plan.

-Approved the career and technical education Carl Perkins grant for 2021-22.

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