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OKANOGAN – School board members approved the 2019-20 budget for the Okanogan School District during their meeting July 31.

The budget anticipates $16.27 million in general fund revenue and $16.6 million in expenditures.

Enrollment is anticipated at 1,075 students.

“The expenditures in the general fund exceed the revenues and several factors can be attributed to this,” said Superintendent Ashley Goetz. “The district has projected enrollment more conservatively this year and feels the budgeted numbers more accurately reflect historical data and actual enrollment numbers from the 2018-19 school year.”

More conservative budgeted enrollment significantly impact revenue for the district, she said.

Employee benefits will increase expenses and the new levy cap decreases the amount of revenue collected from local taxes.

“Finally, the district is in negotiations with both certified and classified unions,” she said. “The existing contracts were three years, 2016-19, and up for negotiations. I am hopeful negotiations will end positively and benefit employees and students of the district.”

Capital projects fund revenue is expected to be $622,998, with expenditures of $580,876. Anticipated associated student body fund revenue is $474,200, with $423,375 in expenditures.

Debt service fund revenue is pegged at $622,998, with expenditures of $580,875.

The transportation vehicle fund revenue has a beginning balance of $104,000, with anticipated revenue of $75,010 and expenditures of $214,000.

To meet the state-required 17 students per classroom, the district hired a full-time art teacher for Virginia Grainger Elementary School and an additional second grade teacher.

“This is a wonderful benefit for our students as it continues to reduce class size at the primary level and offers a program to students they’ve never had before on a regular basis,” she said. “Art is so important for students and the development of the whole child.”

Goetz said 63.35 percent of the district’s budget is for basic education, while the rest is categorical funding, which includes programs such as Title I, special education, vocational education, learning assistance program and bilingual education.

The district will spend 69.99 percent of its budget on teaching, teaching support and benefits.

“This includes funding for teachers, instructional assistants, teaching supplies, materials, textbooks, counselors and librarians, special education and related services,” Goetz said.

Another 17.58 percent goes to other school support, including operation and maintenance of buildings and grounds, utilities and security, student transportation, nutritional services and insurance; 4.91 percent for principals, secretarial and clerical support, and other expenses relating to management of buildings; and 7.52 percent for central administration, including expenses related to the school board, superintendent, business office and public relations.

The district plans several capital projects planned during the coming year, including patching and sealing all district parking lots, improving the elementary playground, and improving acoustics at the middle-high school and Grainger.

No cutbacks are planned, Goetz said.

In other business, the board:

-Hired Megan Jensen, to teach sixth grade social studies. She succeeds Toni Brown, who is moving to the secondary librarian position.

-Approved 2019-2020 extra-curricular positions and coaching positions. Fall season coaches include (head coaches listed first) Megan Blayne, cheerleading; Marty Staggs and Kari Gillespie, cross country; Erick Judd, Jordan Lesamiz, Sterling Jones, Dory Jones, Darren Duncan and Brock Belgarde, high school football; Dean Klepec, Ken Vedders and Steve Streeter, girls’ soccer; Ray Cross, Alex Applington and Rexi Hennigs, high school volleyball; Dean Radke, Mike Carlquist and Sam Buchert, middle school football; Heather Downey and Stephanie Staggs, middle school volleyball (C team coach to be named).

-Accepted the resignations of Shanna Gazaway, middle school boys and girls’ C-squad basketball coach, and Kylee MacLean, computer technician.

-Approval the food service contract renewal for 2019-2020.

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