Okanogan city hall

OKANOGAN – The city will host a fall chipping event Oct. 15 and fall cleanup Nov. 5.

Omak also plans a cleanup day Nov. 2.

Okanogan is joining with the Okanogan Conservation District for the chipping event, during which residents can have branches, small tree trimmings and other yard debris chipped at no cost.

During its Sept. 3 meeting, the Okanogan City Council approved a resolution for an agreement with the conservation district to implement a federal Environmental Protection Agency community chipping program. The goal is to reduce yard waste burning by chipping residential woody debris.

Under the test program, the conservation district will pay the city $100 an hour for equipment and personnel to operate the chipper. The maximum cost is $2,500.

The city will provide the chipper, at least two employees, a chainsaw and chip truck.

Although the date has been set for Oct. 15, further details have not been released.

Under the fall cleanup day, Nov. 2, residents will be able to dispose of yard waste and leaves without charge by bagging debris and placing it in their normal garbage pickup location. Debris should be bagged ir tied into bundles amd put out the night before.

Up to five free garbage bags will be available from city hall starting Oct. 21. There’s no limit to the number of bags or bundles that can be put out.

Bags or bundles cannot exceed 60 pounds each.

Acceptable items to put out include leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and small tree branches and trimmings. Branches must be four feet long or shorter and can be up to three inches in diameter.

Fence posts, boards, plywood, tires, plastics, metals, large branches, stumps and hazardous waste will not be accepted.

Omak, with the same cleanup day, has similar rules about what can be set out for pickup and when.

In both cities, Sunrise Disposal will pick up the debris.

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