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Omak FFA members load donations for two Bridgeport FFA families who lost their homes to the Cold Springs Fire.

OMAK – Members of the Omak High School FFA group helped families of two burnt-out Bridgeport FFA members last week by collecting goods and gift cards.

The Cold Springs Fire, which started Sept. 6 southeast of Omak, burned south through the Colville Indian Reservation and jumped the Columbia River into Douglas County early Sept. 7. Several homes in Bridgeport and the surround rural area burned.

“The Bridgeport FFA Advisor, Adam Corum, told me that two FFA families in Bridgeport had lost their homes when I called him on Wednesday to see how they survived the fire,” said Omak FFA Adviser Elaine Lewis.

Omak FFA reporter Kalli Reese quickly posted a plea for donations on the club’s Facebook page and it was reposed to the school district’s website.

“Our fellow Bridgeport FFA members need our help,” said the Sept. 9 post. “We are looking to help donate some clothing and household items for the families who lost everything in the fire.”

An accompanying list included clothing, household items mattresses, bed coverings, kitchen ware and Walmart gift cards.

“Both families have houses to go to but nothing to put in them,” said Omak district Superintendent Michael Porter.

By Sept. 11, Corum posted that clothing was no longer needed, but pre-paid cards are still appreciated.

“Lots of unexpected expenses come up when you lose everything,” he said. “These enable the families to get what they need or cover unexpected expenses.”

Donations, including some furniture, were collected at the Omak High School greenhouse. They were loaded into a trailer Sept. 10 and picked up by Corum.

Lewis said an Omak family helped load the donations; social distancing and COVID contact limitations were respected.

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