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OMAK – The city has received correspondence from several local residents asking that the city be reopened, Mayor Cindy Gagne told the city council during its May 18 online meeting.

Among the letters was one from the Omak Community Presbyterian Church telling her a service would be held May 23.

She said she also receive the same email message from three different residents requesting the mayor publicly proclaim what people can expect from city officials if they choose to operate businesses.

She reminded everyone that the City of Omak does not have the power to change laws. In his emergency orders, Gov. Jay Inslee has empowered the Okanogan County Health District. She will not issue a proclamation and will continue to work with health officials and Okanogan County.

Gagne said she would like to see everyone get back to work and to their lives safely and as quickly as possible.

She said Lauri Jones, community health director for the health district, met with small business owners, and they are working together to come up with guidelines to engage in business.

The mayor said she has spoken with state legislators, who agree there is a way to make change but, it’s not by being disobedient.

She told council all the correspondence she has received has been very respectful and she had hoped some of the constituency would have participated in the meeting. No one called in.

In other business, the council:

-Had a moment of silence for the 40th anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption.

-Affirmed Gagne’s appointment of Councilwoman Nattalie Cariker to the Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Disability Board.

-Approved a request for a fireworks sales permit from J&M Liquidations LLC. A stand is planned in the Walmart parking lot.

Fire Chief Kevin Bowling said with the COVID-19 situation, he doesn’t know if the sale of fireworks will take place.

-Approved an agreement with Okanogan County fir dispatch services.

-Authorized a grant application to the state Recreation and Conservation Office for skate park funding.

-Approved a contract with Moon Security Service for city hall fire alarm panel replacement at a cost of $17,745. The old panel has been failing.

-Approved the purchase of laptop computers from Vision Municipal Solutions for the police department. The cost is $13,215.

-Agreed to buy fire hydrants from Core and Main.

-Authorized submission of an application for federal funding to complete the airport taxiway improvement project.

-Learned pool opening is in limbo.

-Learned seasonal park employees are not being hired.

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