OROVILLE — City council approved to establish a four-way stop at Fir Street and 16th Avenue during a regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 19.

A motion for the stop sign was approved at the Nov. 5 meeting, following a discussion about lowering the speed limit on 16th avenue as suggested by City Superintendent Steve Thompson.

Thompson said he heard a lot of complaints about cars traveling too fast.

“I realize if they aren’t paying attention to the 25 mph speed limit, they probably won’t pay attention to the 20 mph speed limit, but it will give the police a little more teeth,” said Thompson.

Oroville Police Chief Todd Hill said the area included a safe school route for students and the areas senior citizens would “appreciate the gesture.” Hill suggested putting in a few two-way or four-way stops which could be a better deterrent.

Council member Ed Naillon said one four-way stop there would be a better solution, with a lot of senior citizens crossing the street there.

“It’s easier to catch someone running a stop sign than speeding,” said Hill.

Council also heard the 2020 preliminary budget hearing. The 2019 budget was $10,220,150 and the 2020 preliminary budget is $10,121,550.

The 2020 preliminary budget includes continuation of the phased project for runway realignment at the airport, the Central Avenue street improvement project, the state Department of Health grant for the East Lake Water Association consolidation project, and a 50-cent per hour wage increase for all city employees.

Council passed ordinances amending water rates, sewer rates and garbage rates. Council member Naillon explained the need for the rate increases and said Oroville rates are lower than average rates in the valley, and the lower rates would not allow the city to qualify for grants in the need arises for major infrastructure repairs.

In other business, the council:

Set the rent for the Riverside Retreat home at $1,000 per month after deciding to change it from a temporary/recreation rental to a full time rental.

Approved the 2020 Task Force Operation, with a participation fee of $2,300. Chief Hill explained the $300 increase over last year is due to costs associated with the Celebrite Program, used for the electronic transfer of information. Council also heard from Detective Seth Thomas from the Task Force.

Approved WSLCB renewal applications for Eva’s Diner and the Quick Stop.

Approved the appointment of Jennifer Allenby to the vacant deputy clerk position, effective Dec. 1.

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